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Crystal Overload

Abilities by Family Elemental Crystal Overload
Crystal Overload
1 Round Cooldown

Your next attack made within 2 rounds deals double damage, but deals 197 Elemental damage to you.


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Used By:
Ashstone Core [Core of Hardened Ash]

Drop: Golemagg the Incinerator [??+]

Zone: Molten Core

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 14

Azeriti [Shard of Azerite]

Vendor: Magni Bronzebeard

Zone: Silithus

Faction: Champions of Azeroth - Revered

Cost: 100Polished Pet Charm (unlimited supply)

Crimson Geode

Pet Battle: [22-23] Deepholm

Flickering Argunite

Pet Battle: [25] Krokuun

Geordy [Geordy]

Drop: Ephemera Orb

Zone: Zereth Mortis

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Roggy [Roggy]

Achievement: Slow and Steady Wins the Race

Category: Dragon Isles

Ruby Baubleworm [Ruby Baubleworm]

Vendor: Keeper Ta'hult

Zone: Oribos

Cost: 1Ground Gear 1Robble's Wobbly Staff 1Very Unlucky Rock (unlimited supply)


Pet Battle: [25] Zaralek Cavern

Thimblerig [Thimblerig]

Vendor: Ponzo

Zone: Zaralek Cavern

Cost: 85Barter Brick (unlimited supply)

Faction: Loamm Niffen (Renown 1-11)


Cost: 45Barter Boulder (unlimited supply)

Faction: Loamm Niffen (Renown 12+)

Topaz Baubleworm [Topaz Baubleworm]

Vendor: Keeper Ta'hult

Zone: Oribos

Cost: 1Rotting Bear Carcass 1Dark Iron Baby Booties 1The Stoppable Force (unlimited supply)

Turquoise Baubleworm [Turquoise Baubleworm]

Vendor: Keeper Ta'hult

Zone: Oribos

Cost: 1Rabbit's Foot 1Large Slimy Bone 1A Frayed Knot (unlimited supply)

1-13 of 13
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