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Patch 8.2 Live This Week: 90 New Pets, Stratholme Pet Dungeon & More

June 25, 2019
UPDATE: We're aware of the import error afflicting users. It appears to be an issue on Blizzard's end. Until they fix the API issue, try using this workaround to get your WarcraftPets collection up-to-date. It seems to work for most users, but not all. Apologies for the inconvenience; hopefully this is addressed soon.

UPDATE #2: Blizzard has resolved this issue. Thanks for your patience.

Patch 8.2 - 90 new pets, Stratholme Pet Dungeon and more!
Patch 8.2 is live this week. There are many new pets to collect, a new Pet Dungeon to conquer, and more. [source]

Many New Pets
Rise of Azshara patch adds 90 new pets! Here's a quick summary:

  • 41 dropped
  • 31 wild
  • 7 from vendors
  • 4 from the new Pet Dungeon vendor
  • 3 achievement rewards
  • 2 crafted
  • 2 quest rewards

Check out all Patch 8.2 pets!

Pets that come from the new raid, The Eternal Palace, and the megadungeon, Operation: Mechagon, will not be available at the launch of Patch 8.2. Collectors will need to wait for both of these zones to open on July 9, 2019.

With the addition of so many new pets, we're still in the process of updating our database. We'll continue to include new images, alternate skins, breeds, updated maps and more to the site as Patch 8.2 unfolds.

Some users may experience an error when importing their collection due to issues with the Blizzard API. We're currently looking into this, however it may need to be addressed on Blizzard's end.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Stratholme Pet Dungeon
Patch 8.2 adds an all new Pet Dungeon — Stratholme! [source]

The Stratholme Pet Dungeon contains 11 stages of nostalgic scenery and spooky encounters with a mix of Undead, Magic, Dragonkin, and Beast pet families.

Complete Normal mode to unlock Challenge mode, and earn the achievement Pet Battle Challenge: Stratholme plus Minimancer upon finishing the latter.

New to this Pet Dungeon:

  • 4 purchasable pets (up from 3) using the Stratholme Pet Dungeon currency, Cleansed Remains
  • All vendor pets are Bind On Pick Up and not cageable
  • A hidden encounter and achievement, Malowned, that rewards the pet Burnout (pictured right)
  • A World Quest (or weekly quest, it's unclear at the moment) that pops up while inside that requires battlers to defeat Fras Siabi's pet team; rewards an additional Cleansed Remains

Learn more: Stratholme Pet Dungeon Overview

UPDATE: Battlers have discovered how to collect Burnout from the Stratholme Pet Dungeon!

Find and click on a letter on the ground while inside the scenario to unlock a mailbox. Interacting with this special mailbox will summon the NPC and his team. Defeating him awards the achievement and the pet! For more details, check out this post.

Naga, Mechagnomes, and Pets!
Nazjatar legendary boss pet
There are 2 new zones for players to explore, Nazjatar and Mechagon. Both include legendary "boss pet" battles (example pictured left), plus many new pets to collect.

Earn the achievement Team Aquashock and collect the adorable baby naga, Kelpfin, by capturing one of each wild pet from Nazjatar and Mechagon on top of defeating each of the legendary "boss pet" battles found in the zones.

Nazjatar & Mechagon Pet Achievements and Battles

There are many more pets to discover from Nazjatar and Mechagon, including drops from rare mobs, reputation rewards, new vendor pets, and even pets from hidden treasures.

Whether you're interested in battling, collecting, or both, Patch 8.2 has something for everyone. Travel into Stratholme or head out to Nazjatar and Mechagon and start your next Pet Battle adventure!
Posted by Quintessence

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I bought an Unclaimed Black Market Container on a whim because it was cheap and in it was a Hippogrpyh Hatchling. I'd rather have had one where I didn't already own the exact model with a different name, but it was still pretty cool to get a TCG pet out of it.

I got lucky in LFR last week and got a Lightless Ambusher and I got enough Stratholme tokens for another pet


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Island Expeditions 37/40

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8.2 pets


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Crypt Fiend

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Thank you Breanni from the bottom of my heart. <3

2 days ago at 11:21am | Magtheridon-EU | Pets: 1072 Compare collections | Score: 5759 2000 spots yet but can you tell I started trying? ;-)


Did you know that more mounts and pets have been introduced in BfA than are available in all of the Vanilla, BC, Wrath AND Cata content COMBINED? 


Sound off completists- you feel my pain!


I'll be catching up, y'all...Soon (TM)



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Master of Minions complete! Hearthy is so cute!

Two more BFA pets! Lil'Tika and Corlain Falcon!

And on to finishing collecting the 8.2 pets. Nazajatar safari complete! Two more pets for Mechagon safari! Then its on to farming for the others. :D

3 days ago at 4:35pm | Moon Guard-US | Pets: 1013 Compare collections | Score: 5475
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