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Tail Slap

Tail Slap

100% Hit Chance 


Slaps the enemy with its tail, dealing 433 Aquatic damage.

Vs. Elemental

Vs. Magic


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Used By:
Backswimmer Timbertooth [Backswimmer Timbertooth]

Vendor: Jiq

Zone: ¬†The Azure Span

Faction: ¬†Iskaarra Tuskarr (Renown Nine)

Cost: 1 Runed Writhebark 5Tallstrider Sinew 150Dragon Isles Supplies (unlimited supply)


Quest: Cute and Cuddly [60]

Zone: ¬†The Azure Span

Faction: Iskaarra Tuskarr (Renown Nine)

Celestial Calf [Celestial Calf]

Vendor: The Mad Merchant

Zone: Dalaran (Broken Isles)

Cost: 1,000,000gold (unlimited supply)

Hydraling [Hydraling]

Drop: Varasha's Egg

Zone: Spires of Arak [30-40]

Drop Rate: 1 in 1

Kelpfin [Kelpfin]

Achievement: Team Aquashock

Category: Pet Battles

Land Shark [Land Shark]

Profession: Fishing

Vendor: Nat Pagle - Good Friends

Zone: Lunarfall, Frostwall

Cost: 50Nat's Lucky Coin (unlimited supply)

Leviathan Hatchling [Leviathan Egg]

Drop: High Warlord Naj'entus [??+]

Zone: Black Temple

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 20

Necroray Spawnling

Pet Battle: [25] Maldraxxus

Periwinkle Calf [Periwinkle Calf]

Drop: Fel-Touched Pet Supplies

Zone: Tanaan Jungle [40]

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Ruby Baubleworm [Ruby Baubleworm]

Vendor: Keeper Ta'hult

Zone: Oribos

Cost: 1Ground Gear 1Robble's Wobbly Staff 1Very Unlucky Rock (unlimited supply)

Spawn of Nalaada [Spawn of Nalaada]

Drop: Elderspawn Nalaada [50]

Zone: Nazjatar

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Spiketail Beaver

Pet Battle: [25] Highmountain


Drop: Spinebug

Zone: Maldraxxus [50-60]

Drop Rate: 1 in 1

Sting Ray Pup [Sting Ray Pup]

Profession: Legion Fishing

Vendor: Conjurer Margoss - Good Friends

Zone: Dalaran (Broken Isles)

Cost: 50Drowned Mana (unlimited supply)

Stormstruck Beaver

Pet Battle: [25] Stormheim

Sumprush Rodent

Pet Battle: [23-25] Krasarang Wilds

Topaz Baubleworm [Topaz Baubleworm]

Vendor: Keeper Ta'hult

Zone: Oribos

Cost: 1Rotting Bear Carcass 1Dark Iron Baby Booties 1The Stoppable Force (unlimited supply)

1-23 of 23
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