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5 Round Cooldown

Next round, your active pet will be healed for 50% of its maximum health.


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Used By:
Archetype of Renewal [Archetype of Renewal]

Shadowlands Profession: Protoform Synthesis

Taught By: [Archetype of Renewal]

Celestial Calf [Celestial Calf]

Vendor: The Mad Merchant

Zone: Dalaran (Broken Isles)

Cost: 1,000,000gold (unlimited supply)

Fluttering Glimmerfly

Pet Battle: [25] Bastion

Hyjal Wisp [Hyjal Wisp]

Drop: Archimonde [??+]

Zone: Hyjal Summit

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 25

Juvenile Brineshell [Juvenile Brineshell]

Scenario: Island Expeditions

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Magic Lamp [Magic Lamp]

Profession: Cataclysm Enchanting [75]

Taught By: [Formula: Magic Lamp]

Magical Crawdad [Magical Crawdad Box]

Fishing: Fishing [430]

Zone: Terokkar Forest (Fishing Nodes)

Approximate Drop Rate: [Mr. Pinchy] 1 in 500 fished from Highland Mixed schools

Approximate Drop Rate: [Magical Crawdad Box] 1 in 5 (of 3 available)

Prototickles [Prototickles]

Shadowlands Profession: Protoform Synthesis

Taught By: [Prototickles]

Sir Reginald [Sir Reginald]

Vendor: Cortinarius

Zone: Ardenweald

Faction: Marasmius - Friendly

Covenant: Night Fae

Sanctum Feature: Transport Network (tier 1)

Cost: 250Polished Pet Charm (unlimited supply)

Terror Jelly [Terror Jelly]

Shadowlands Profession: Protoform Synthesis

Taught By: [Terror Jelly]

1-11 of 11
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