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Felines: WoW Battle Pets

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Ash'ana [Ash'ana]

Vendor: Sylvia Hartshorn

Zone: Val'sharah

Faction: Dreamweavers - Revered

Cost: 500gold (unlimited supply)

Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu [Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu]

Vendor: Mei Chele

Zone: The Wandering Isle (Monk Order Hall)

Cost: 1000Order Resources (unlimited supply)

Black Tabby Cat [Cat Carrier (Black Tabby)]

Drop: World Drop

Zone: Hillsbrad Foothills [7-30]

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 8,000

Bombay Cat [Cat Carrier (Bombay)]

Vendor: Donni Anthania

Zone: Elwynn Forest

Cost: 40silver (unlimited supply)

Calico Cat [Cat Carrier (Calico)]

Vendor: Breanni

Zone: Dalaran (Northrend)

Cost: 50gold (unlimited supply)


Pet Battle: [1-2] Eversong Woods; [1-2] Elwynn Forest; [1-3] Silvermoon City; [7-8] Arathi Highlands; [20-21] Netherstorm

Cheetah Cub

Pet Battle: [3-4] Northern Barrens; [9-10] Southern Barrens

Curious Purrkin

Pet Battle: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market (Dungeon)

Darkmoon Cub [Darkmoon Cub]

World Event: Darkmoon Faire (first week of each month)

Vendor: Lhara

Zone: Darkmoon Island

Cost: 90Darkmoon Prize Ticket (unlimited supply)


Drop: Darkmoon Game Prize

Zone: Darkmoon Island

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 1,250

Feline Familiar [Feline Familiar]

World Event: Hallow's End

Vendor: Woim

Zone: Tirisfal Glades

Cost: 150Tricky Treat (unlimited supply)


Vendor: Pippi

Zone: Stormwind City

Cost: 150Tricky Treat (unlimited supply)

Gizmo [Gizmo]

Drop: P.O.S.T. Master [??+]

Zone: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown


Drop: Jenafur

Zone: Karazhan

Nightsaber Cub [Nightsaber Cub]

Trading Card Game: Twilight of the Dragons

Sand Kitten

Pet Battle: [13-14] Tanaris

Savage Cub [Savage Cub]

Vendor: Z'tenga the Walker

Zone: Tanaan Jungle

Faction: The Saberstalkers - Revered

Cost: 1500Blackfang Claw (unlimited supply)

Siamese Cat [Cat Carrier (Siamese)]

Vendor: Dealer Rashaad

Zone: Netherstorm

Cost: 60silver (unlimited supply)

Silver Purrkin

Pet Battle: Tazavesh, the Veiled Market (Dungeon)

Snow Cub

Pet Battle: [1-2] Dun Morogh; [3-6] Loch Modan


Pet Store 

Void-Scarred Cat [Voidwoven Cat Collar]

Drop: Alleria's Corrupted Chest

Zone: Horrific Vision of Stormwind

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Winterspring Cub [Winterspring Cub]

Vendor: Michelle De Rum

Zone: Winterspring

Cost: 50gold (unlimited supply)

Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen [Xu-Fu, Cub of Xuen]

Vendor: Master Li

Zone: Timeless Isle

Cost: 3Celestial Coin (unlimited supply)

TIP: Most pets include links to Wowhead, providing you with additional information about pet-related quests, mobs, and items.
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