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Express Delivery

Abilities by Family Humanoid Express Delivery
Express Delivery

100% Hit Chance 


Deals 295 Humanoid damage.


This ability always goes first.

Vs. Dragonkin

Vs. Beast


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Used By:
Court Messenger [Court Messenger Scroll]

Vendor: Mistress Mihaela

Zone: Revendreth

Faction: Court of Harvesters - Revered

Cost: 250Polished Pet Charm (unlimited supply)

Dredger Butler [Dredger Butler's Contract]

Quest: Dredging up an Assistant [60]

Zone: Revendreth

Covenant: Venthyr

Covenant Feature: The Ember Court (tier 2)

Mailemental [Mailemental]

Achievement: Post Haste

Category: Legion

1-3 of 3
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