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WoD Beta: Two New Pets and Achievement Updates

September 03, 2014
The latest beta patch wasn't large in terms of new pet-related content, however there are new pets to behold and some notable achievement updates. [source]

Two New Pets
Trunks is a pet that was recently added in the latest beta patch. Although it shares the same model as the other baby elekk pets, Trunks is from the Magic family and has a unique set of abilities.

You'll need to take your Elekk Plushie for an adventure to earn this pet (more on this below), but once collected it's sure to keep your plushie good company.

Karabor Kid
If a new adorable elekk isn't enough for you, the second newest pet might interest you.

The previously datamined "spacegoat" model made its debut in the beta Pet Journal. It's called the Karabor Kid (pictured right), and according to the journal will be available from the Blizzard Store in the future.

With a name like Karabor Kid, one could get the wrong idea. But it doesn't look like we'll be adopting any Draenei children any time soon. Well, depending on your point of view.

List of all WoD Alpha datamined pets

Pet Battle Achievements
A new achievement was added, Taming Daenor. Defeating all of the Draenor trainers unlocks "Pet Battle Daily Quest". It's currently unclear what this daily quest is, but hopefully the reward is a pet!

In addition to Taming Draenor, some updates were made to two previously implemented achievements.

As mentioned above, there will be a new baby elekk to collect. Trunks will be the reward for the achievement An Awfully Big Adventure. And boy, is it an adventure.

Elekk Plushie
You'll need to defeat 44 trainers, located all across Azeroth and beyond, with the Elekk Plushie (pictured right) on your active team to complete this achievement.

Unfortunately, the plushie doesn't have any damage dealing moves, so get your carry teams ready!

The second updated achievement is Victory in Hillsbrad. For earning a victory in WoW's special 10th anniversary battleground you'll now receive a title corresponding to your faction instead of the pet Hogs.

We don't know if Hogs will ever be a pet that we can collect, but we will continue to remain hopeful that he'll eventually be released.
Posted by Quintessence

BlizzCon 2014 Pet — Grommloc!

September 17, 2014
Blizzard recently sent out an interesting message on Twitter. We now have a sneak peak of the BlizzCon 2014 pet! [source]

BlizzCon 2014 pet — Grommloc
In addition to the preview image above, there's also mention of a name for this ax-wielding murloc.

We previously reported that an icon of the same name was recently datamined from the WoD Beta. Wowhead has found additional details linked to the "grommloc" icon, including a placeholder pet named BC01.

Although all signs seem to point to Grommloc as the pet reward for BlizzCon 2014 attendees and Virtual Ticket holders, the official BlizzCon website has not been updated with information on the contents of the goody bag yet. More details will likely be available in the near future.

With a weapon that big, we can't think of a better pet to safeguard all of the BlizzCon rewards and goodies!
Posted by Quintessence

WoD Beta: Updated Pets, Mystery Bag and Hogs Removed

September 19, 2014
There were updates to the WoD pets in a recent WoD Beta patch, and a new item was added to the Menagerie vendor. [source]

Updated WoD Pets
A number of wild pets was recently removed from the beta Pet Journal. These pets were set to be found in Draenor, however they were not fully implemented.

  • Bloodbeak
  • Bloodthorn Hatchling
  • Cerulean Moth
  • Crimsonwing Moth
  • Fen Crab
  • Glowing Sporebat
  • Ironclaw Scuttler
  • River Calf
  • Sapphire Firefly
  • Violet Firefly

List of all WoD Alpha datamined pets

Although it's disappointing to see any pet removed from the game, there will still be many pets to collect in the expansion. There's a total of 96 new pets so far, one of which received a light makeover.

The Karabor Kid was first introduced into the beta Pet Journal a couple of weeks ago, and has since then received a bit more flair. Renamed to Argi (pictured above), this baby blue goat is now decked out in gold jewelry and has even grown a dark blue mane. How fashionable!

What's In the Bag?
The vendor located at the Menagerie inside your garrison has updated her wares and has a new item for sale.

Mystery Bag from vendor
You can purchase a Mystery Bag for two Pet Charms. Inside the bag you'll find a random family battle-training stone. These new stones are Bind on Pick Up and grant one level when used on a pet.

If you prefer a leveling stone that is not tied to a specific pet family, the Menagerie vendor also sells Flawless Battle-Training Stones for three Pet Charms each.

Hogs Removed
A couple of weeks ago, we reported that Hogs was no longer the reward for completing the PVP achievement during WoW's 10th anniversary.

At the time it was unknown what would become of this bloodthirsty gnoll, however developer Jonathan LeCraft has shed some light on the fate of Hogs.

This is disheartening news, but we remain hopeful that Blizzard will find an appropriate situation to award this iconic pet in the future.
Posted by Quintessence

Fel Flame — Pet of the Month: September 2014

September 22, 2014
Fel Flame — Pet of the Month

Things heat up as we discuss the Fel Flame in this Pet of the Month!

Collecting the Fel Flame
Fel Flame
The Fel Flame is a wild pet that can be found in Shadowmoon Valley. Don't confuse this zone with the Shadowmoon Valley of Draenor, though. This pet will only spawn in Outland.

To find the Fel Flame you'll need to find its preferred habitat. Wherever you find fel fire, it's likely that a little flame is wandering around nearby.

The largest concentration of fel fire and lava can be found at The Hand of Guldan in the center of Shadowmoon Valley. However, the Fel Flame can also spawn around any of the smaller pools in the zone. Just be wary of the green waters since they're usually occupied by hostile creatures.

If you have flying in Outlands, be sure to fly up and around the volcano at the center of The Hand of Guldan. The Fel Flame may not look like it, but it can be a mountain climber and will sometimes be on the ledges of the volcano.

It might be possible to coax the this pet to spawn by killing creatures and miscellaneous wild pets near The Hand of Guldan, but the effectiveness of this method is mostly anecdotal. Of course there's no harm in trying whatever you can to get your hands on this hot pet!

Battling with the Fel Flame
The Fel Flame is good for only one thing: pure elemental destruction. It is very heavy on the DoTs. Four out of its six abilities have a DoT component.

Immolate and Flame Breath both have a front-end hit with a DoT. Immolate is Elemental damage, while Flame Breath uses Dragonkin damage. The Fel Flame also uses Immolation, which will deal damage to the front pet for 9 turns. Long DoTs like that are great for combos, but this one will only last as long as your Fel Flame stays alive.

Fel Flame using Scorched Earth
Fel Flame also has a weather effect. Scorched Earth deals a certain amount of damage to the front pet on each team for nine turns. However, because the Fel Flame is an elemental pet, it ignores detrimental weather effects, making this another sort-of long-term DoT.

The two abilities which don't have a DoT component are Burn and Conflagration. Both are Elemental damage. Burn is a straightforward nuke. Conflagration is the ability that puts the 'cannon' in 'glass cannon'. It is a large hit with a long cooldown, with an additional large hit if the target is burning. Good News Everyone, because the above DoTs and weather effect cause your opponent to be burning. Immolation doesn't, but it shares a slot with Conflagrate so it's kind of a moot point.

Like the proverb says, if you can't take the corrupted heat, stay out of the fel kitchen.

Check out our forum thread discussion on the Fel Flame and submit your own thoughts on this pet.

Battling Discussion on the Fel Flame

Pet of the Month is co-written by Liopleurodon, an experienced pet battler and long-time WoW player. She maintains her own Pet Battle blog, comprised of pet analyses, team strategies and general thoughts on pets.
Posted by Quintessence

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