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Wowhead's Guide to Wild Battle Pets of Draenor

October 03, 2014
Curious about the upcoming pets found in Draenor? Wowhead has a great guide showcasing all of the wild pets. [source]

Wowhead guide to Draenor wild pets
Written by Serrinne (@SerrinneWoW on Twitter), the guide covers all the wild pets found in each Draenor zone. Primary, secondary or both, Serrinne notes if you'll find them accompanying multiple pet teams. And just in case you're unsure of what to look for, there are also reference images of each pet.

We're in the process of adding these pets to the WarcraftPets database, so in the meantime check out this guide! It's a great way to see a comprehensive overview of all the new wild pets of Draenor.
Posted by Quintessence

Patch 6.0 is Live: New Pets and Accuracy Changes

October 14, 2014
Patch 6.0
The pre-expansion patch is here — "The Iron Tide" introduces a few new pets and accuracy changes to Pet Battles. It's just a small taste of what's to come in Warlords of Draenor! [source]

Patch 6.0 Pets and More
The Iron Starlette is a reward from a quest chain. Players will need to fight back the Iron Horde that have taken over a revamped, level 90 version of Blasted Lands. At the very end of the short adventure, the final quest Report to the King (Alliance) and Warning the Warchief (Horde) will reward the pet.

While battling the Iron Horde in Blasted Lands, keep your eyes open for a special drop off of the Ironmarch orcs. There's a chance you'll loot a Time-Locked Box which teaches the Bronze Whelpling.

According to Jonathan LeCraft, Senior Game Designer, the Bronze Whelpling will still drop from mobs after "The Iron Tide" event is over. This pet is also cageable so if you're not interested in killing orcs, the Auction House might have a Bronze Whelpling with your name on it!

Bronze Whelpling
Another new pet that you'll be able to start working towards (if you don't meet the requirements already) is Stormwing (pictured right). Completing the achievement So. Many. Pets. (collect 600 unique battle pets) rewards this beautiful blue bird.

Last but not least, Sky-bo is a new pet that seems to have snuck into Blingtron 4000's daily gift package. Be sure to speak with him for a chance at your very own miniature version of a Sky Golem!

There are more pets that might become available in the weeks prior to WoD's release, but we'll have to wait and see if these in-game events are updated with the new holiday content.

Although there are only a few new pets to collect in Patch 6.0, the Pet Journal has previews of upcoming WoD pets. These pets cannot be collected at this time, but we've added them to the database for your viewing pleasure.

Over 90 new pets added!

Accuracy Changes and Damage Ranges
A few months ago, we covered the changes to hit and critical strike in Pet Battles. These updates are now live with Patch 6.0.

Accuracy and damage changes to Alpha Strike
Many abilities have had their values changed and now have 100% base hit (example right, tooltips courtesy of Wowhead).

A damage variance was also implemented for some attacks, such as Crush and Dive.

Keep in mind that the accuracy change mainly applies to pet abilities that were already very close to 100% base hit (90-95%). Attacks with low base hit, such as Demolish, remain largely unchanged.

With these accuracy updates, miss-streaks should occur less often. However, it is still possible to miss, especially if a pet is under the effects of an ability that reduces hit. And even though your pets may hit more often than miss, these changes mean trainer pets will also have a better chance at landing an attack.
Posted by Quintessence

Hallow's End: Two New Pets

October 18, 2014
New Hallow's End pets
There are two new ghostly pets to collect during this year's Hallow's End in-game festival — Cursed Birman and Widget the Departed.

These two creepy cats can be purchased from the special holiday vendors in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, and cost 150 Tricky Treats each. For more information on collecting Tricky Treats, check out Wowhead's comprehensive guide.

Wowhead guide to Hallow's End

The Cursed Birman and Widget the Departed are Bind on Use and cageable, so if trick-or-treating doesn't interest you, the Auction House will be a good place to look for these pets.

Hallow's End concludes on November 1st, so don't delay in collecting these cats. They're the purrfect companions to celebrate this spooky season with!
Posted by Quintessence

Feline Familiar — Pet of the Month: October 2014

October 21, 2014
Feline Familiar — Pet of the Month

In this Pet of the Month we discuss the Feline Familiar — best friend to any witch and, of course, pet collectors!

Collecting the Feline Familiar
Feline Familiar
The Feline Familiar can be purchased during the in-game holiday event, Hallow's End. It is Bind on Use and cageable, so it can also pop up on the Auction House during the off season.

If you'd like to collect this little black cat, you'll need to satisfy the vendor's sweet tooth and gather 150 Tricky Treats. These treats can be looted from Candy Buckets located at most inns. Be ready for a long journey though, buckets can be found in nearly all zones in Azeroth as well as Outland.

Horde and Alliance have their own separate Candy Buckets to loot from, however there are also neutral inns that will dispense Tricky Treats to all that drop by. Each bucket drops between 1 and 3 treats. Players can grab a handful of candy only once per bucket, per character. But there's no need to be greedy — there are many inns to visit!

To make your trick-or-treating go smoother and more efficiently, there are addons such as Candy Buckets, plus Wowhead has every bucket location marked in their Hallow's End guide.

In addition to trick-or-treating around Azeroth and beyond, players can earn Tricky Treats by completing Hallow's End quests and dailies. These quests can be picked up from Stormwind or Undercity.

Defeating the holiday dungeon boss, the Headless Horseman, once per day, and saving towns such as Brill and Goldshire from the Horseman's terror will also reward the sticky confection.

Such a large number of Tricky Treats might seem like daunting number to collect, however visiting all Candy Buckets in Pandaria, Outland, Northrend and then completing a few Hallow's End daily quests should yield enough treats to purchase the Feline Familiar.

Battling with the Feline Familiar
In addition to a spooky theme, the Feline Familiar brings a very unique moveset to the Beast family. It is the only Beast with the per-hit ability Stoneskin. There are a few with Spiked Skin, but that tends to be relatively lackluster in comparison.

Also, it is one of a scant few Beasts with Magic abilities. Onyx Bite is a great choice, especially if you're slower than your opponent. The other choice in the first slot is Pounce, which deals additional damage when your Familiar is faster.

Prowl and Onyx Bite
Onyx Bite is a better choice if you plan to use Prowl in the third slot, because of the speed reduction. However, if you're planning on using your Familiar to grind wild battles (a favorite application for me), you're likely going to want to choose Devour instead, to heal up a bit.

The last ability to address is perhaps the most in-step thematically with Hallow's End. There are very few Beast pets with weather effects in general, and the weather effect Darkness is unique to the Familiar among Beast pets. The Familiar doesn't have any self-synergy with Call Darkness, but it can still be helpful in shutting down healing opponents, or just avoiding a combo from your opponent.

Check out our forum thread discussion on the Feline Familiar and submit your own thoughts on this pet.

Battling Discussion on the Feline Familiar

Pet of the Month is co-written by Liopleurodon, an experienced pet battler and long-time WoW player. She maintains her own Pet Battle blog, comprised of pet analyses, team strategies and general thoughts on pets.
Posted by Quintessence

Everything You Need to Know About Garrison Pets

October 29, 2014
WoD Garrison Pets
The garrison plays a large part of your overall experience in Warlords of Draenor. It's also essential for pet collecting and Pet Battles. Here's an overview of garrison buildings and the pets that come with them.

The Menagerie
The Menagerie is a plot located inside your garrison. It requires a level 3 garrison, which can only be achieved at player level 100. After building the Menagerie, completing the quest Pets Versus Pests will finalize the plot.

Upgrading the Menagerie is a must as it offers different abilities, perks and rewards at each level.

Level 1: "Attracts elite pets you can battle for rewards. Also lets 5 of your battle pets hang out in your garrison."

Menagerie daily challenge post
The NPC located at your Menagerie will offer a daily quest to defeat 1 of 15 different legendary pet teams that visit each day. This quest is not account-wide and can be completed on multiple characters.

Completing Battle Pet Roundup (Alliance) and Scrappin' (Horde) rewards 8 Pet Charms. You can use these to purchase various items from the Menagerie NPC, such as battle-stones (for quality and leveling), pet bandages, Perky Pug hats, treats, and a Mystery Bag which contains a random family-specific leveling stone.

Level 2: "Increases your trap chance and reduces the cooldown of Revive Battle Pets while in Draenor. Up to 10 of your pets can now hang out in your garrison."

Blueprints to upgrade the Menagerie to level 2 can be bought from the Blueprints Vendor for 1000 gold. The blueprints are account-wide so you only need to buy it on one character.

Reduced cooldown on Revive Battle Pets
At level 2 you receive a better trap, Draenic Trap, along with a reduced cooldown (4 minutes, down from 8 minutes) on Revive Battle Pets.

Level 3: "Unlocks a pet battle daily with unique pet rewards."

Upgrading to level 3 will require dedication and a lot of battles. You must complete the achievement Draenic Pet Battler to unlock the last blueprint.

Draenic Pet Battler achievement
Defeating wild pets while in Draenor, Draenor trainers, or the daily opponent inside your garrison count towards the achievement, and matches won on different characters also add to your total.

Ghastly Kid
Once upgraded to level 3, the Menagerie NPC will have a new daily that replaces the previous one. Mastering the Menagerie has the same objectives as Battle Pet Roundup and Scrappin', however the rewards are even more tantalizing.

You'll continue to receive Pet Charms but the new reward, Big Bag of Pet Supplies, will also drop a random family-specific leveling stone and has a chance to drop 1 of 7 new pets, such as the Ghastly Kid (pictured right).

Medium Plot Buildings
You can collect pets directly from three medium-sized garrison buildings. There are only two medium plots in each garrison, though, so you may need to swap out buildings or utilize an atl's garrison to gain access all three.

Glass of Warm Milk inside Alliance garrison
Barn: In a level 3 Barn there's a Warm Glass of Milk that someone has carelessly left behind (pictured right). Hopefully it doesn't spoil!

The Pygmy Cow can be looted from a wooden mug which may spawn on the first floor or the second floor. There is no direct path up to the second floor, however, so you'll need to devise a creative way to get up. Goblin Glider Kits and the XD-57 "Bullseye" Guided Rocket Kit paired with calculated launching positions are just a couple of methods.

Much like other hidden treasures of Draenor, it seems you can only loot the mug once per character. However, unlike other lootable containers, the mug doesn't have a noticeable glow unless you hover over it with your cursor. Be sure to do a thorough search of your Barn!

Trading Post: The Trading Post offers two different pets, one for Alliance and one for Horde. To collect both, you'll need to build this building on two different characters.

Upgrading the Trading Post to level 2 will unlock the Sha'tari Defense (Alliance) and the Laughing Skull (Horde). A quartermaster will appear in your upgraded building, but before you can purchase the Sky Fry or Bone Wasp, you'll need to be Revered with the faction.

Sentinel's Companion
Inn (Alliance) or Tavern (Horde): You won't need to upgrade this building; NPCs will appear immediately and start offering quests. The familiar faces rotate daily, but you can pick up any quest and turn it in the next time they visit.

Keep an eye out for Mylune, who's quest rewards the adorable Everbloom Peachick, and Cowled Ranger, who gives away the Sentinel's Companion (pictured right).

All of the pets mentioned above are cageable, except for the Pygmy Cow. You'll need to build the Barn on at least one character to collect this mini-bovine.

Primary Profession Buildings
Three professions will have new pets to craft — Tailoring, Engineering and Blacksmithing. If you have these professions, the garrison plot dedicated to the craft will be invaluable to you.

Tailoring Emporium: Tailors gain access to a Draenor recipe vendor. Before you can purchase anything, though, you'll need to craft Secrets of Draenor Tailoring. The Elekk Plushie recipe costs five of this new currency.

Engineering Works: There are three new engineering pets, Lifelike Mechanical Frostboar, Mechanical Axebeak and Mechanical Scorpid. The schematic for each costs one Secret of Draenor Engineering.

You can also purchase schematics for Blingtron 5000 for one Secret of Draenor Engineering. The WoD version has a slightly higher chance to drop Sky-Bo than Blingtron 4000.

The Forge: In the same fashion as the other professions, blacksmiths will need to create one Secret of Draenor Blacksmithing in order to purchase the recipe for the pet Soul of the Forge.

It should be noted that players who do not have Tailoring or Blacksmithing will not be able to access the recipes or craft the pets from the associated plots. However, non-engineers that build the Engineering Works can craft the pets, but only in a level 3 building. Blingtron 5000 cannot be crafted by non-engineers.

It's possible to craft the new Draenor profession pets at any skill level. You can also travel to your faction hub in Ashran to visit profession trainers and purchase the recipes there.

Secondary Profession Buildings
All garrisons come with secondary profession buildings that unlock as you level up and upgrade your garrison.

Crazy Carrot
Herb Garden: Both herbalists and non-herbalists can loot the nodes found on this plot. But watch out, picking Draenor plants can occasionally upset a Disturbed Podling. These savage flower creatures have a chance to drop a Nightshade Sproutling.

Don't forget to save any Draenic Seeds that you find. The vendor located at the Herb Garden sells the Crazy Carrot (pictured right). What makes this carrot so crazy? Perhaps it's the steep price, 1000 seeds!

Frostwall Mines or Lunarfall Excavation: Similar to the Herb Garden, anyone can mine the ore on this plot. If you're lucky, you'll find a Goren Protector while mining. This mob has a chance to drop the Ore Eater.

Sea Calf
Fishing Shack: To unlock Nat Pagle who sells the Land Shark and Sea Calf (pictured right), anglers will need to upgrade this building to level 3 and have the Good Friends reputation with Pagle. The currency to buy the pets require a Fishing skill of 700. El's Extreme Anglin' has all you need to know about Warlords of Draenor fishing and earning Nat's Lucky Coins to purchase the pets.

Mobs spawned from ore and herb nodes are not exclusive to your garrison. They can also appear while mining and herbing in any part of Draenor. The Herb Garden and Mines are just convenient for all characters, regardless of profession.

With so many buildings that reward pets, the garrison might prove to be a central hub for pet collecting in WoD. If only the entire garrison could be filled exclusively with pets. The Menagerie attendant might have something to say about that, though — so many critters to clean up after, yuck!
Posted by Quintessence

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