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Patch 9.0 Live This Week: New Pets and Ability Tuning

October 13, 2020
UPDATE: There's a possible bug that can lock players out of Pet Battle progress/content when server transferring or faction swapping. Use character services with caution until Blizzard resolves this issue. [source]

Patch 9.0!
The Shadowlands Pre-Patch is live this week! There's a new pet available from the Death's Rising Event, and the Pet Journal has been updated with all upcoming expansion pets. Additionally, some existing pet abilities received updates. [source]

Scourge Event Pet
Putrid Geist
A new pet will be available from the Death's Rising Event, the Putrid Geist (pictured right).

This pet is sold by event vendors for 20 Argent Commendation (not to be confused with the older, similarly named version of this currency). Players can complete the Death's Rising Event campaign and new dailies to earn Commendations.

Check out Wowhead's guide to the Shadowlands' Death's Rising to learn more!

Upcoming Shadowlands Pets
Players can now preview over 100 new pets in the Pet Journal. We've also updated our database to include these pets for your viewing pleasure.

Get ready to pledge yourself to a Covenant in Shadowlands, and earn one of the Renown pets (pictured below) plus much more.

Shadowlands Renown battle pets

Check out all upcoming Shadowlands battle pets

These battle pets will be available once the expansion officially launches. Which battle pet are you looking forward to the most?

Pet Ability Changes
Some pet abilities have been re-balanced. Changes include:

  • Flock-like abilities
  • Aquatic pet family passive
  • Decreased or increased damage for select abilities
  • Cooldown and other changes

Check out the full list of updated abilities

Shadowlands is nearly upon us. There will be many new pets to collect, challenges to overcome, and achievements to earn — we can't wait!
Posted by Quintessence

Shadowlands Beta: New Achievements

October 08, 2020
Shadowlands Beta
This week's Beta build added many new Pet Battle achievements, ranging from collecting to battling. [source]

New Achievements and Rewards
Many new achievements were added to Shadowlands Beta. Here are the most notable ones.

Shadowlands Safari
This is a straightforward collecting achievement where players must capture at least one of each Shadowlands wild pet.

There are 21 new wild pets in Shadowlands.

  • Ardenweald - 3
  • Bastion - 8
  • Maldraxxus - 5
  • Revendreth - 5

Family Exorcist
Ready for a challenge? The first is probably a familiar one!

Following in Family Familiar's footsteps, we now have a Shadowlands version.

There are 10 achievements that must be completed to earn the meta-achievement, Family Exorcist. Each achievement requires battlers defeat 9 out of 11 possible NPC trainers with a team of level 25 pets from one pet family.

Spriggan Trickster

Currently, trainers cannot be battled on Beta if their World Quest isn't active. It's unclear if this is intended, or if there are any plans to make the trainers always available in the future.

Completing all 10 achievements will earn Family Exorcist and a new pet, Spriggan Trickster (pictured above, right)!

Abhorrent Adversaries of the Afterlife
The Family-achievement isn't the only challenge coming in Shadowlands. In the same vein as Tiny Terrors of Tanaan, players will need to defeat 10 different Shadowlands Boss pets.

Winterleaf Spriggan

These pets are all level 25 legendary pets (level does not scale), and each is a repeatable, single-pet encounter.

Defeating all 10 pets will earn players the Abhorrent Adversaries of the Afterlife achievement and Winterleaf Spriggan pet (pictured above, right)!

With the changes to certain pet abilities coming in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch (9.0), some fan-favorite strategies might need to be adjusted to overcome these tougher encounters. We look forward to all of the teams and tactics the Pet Battling community comes up with!
Posted by Quintessence

Mystery of the Outland Dragon Whelp

September 12, 2020
UPDATE: @Marlamin on Twitter has datamined a new Outland dragon whelp icon. (pictured right) [source]

It would seem there's mounting evidence of this baby dragon being a battle pet. When or where and if players will be able to collect it is still unclear though. We'll have to keep our eyes open!

Wowhead recently discovered some interesting data in the PTR files — a new Outland dragon whelp! [source]

Welp, It's A Whelp
Datamined by Wowhead, the new dragon whelp bears a striking resemblance to the Netherwhelp (pictured right).

The Netherwhelp was the Burning Crusade Collector's Edition companion pet reward (battle pets did not exist at the time). It's currently unavailable unless you're lucky enough to find an edition of that expansion with an unclaimed code. Even then, be prepared to spend a large sum of money on the highly coveted pet.

There's currently no indication what the discovery of this new whelp will mean for players. Will it be collectible? Is this pet intended for Classic or Retail or both?

Some speculate that it might be an upcoming companion pet reward for Classic transitioning to the next expansion. Burning Crusade (Classic) hasn't been officially confirmed yet.

Another hypothesis is that this could be a reward in Retail to celebrate WoW's upcoming anniversary this year, in addition to the announcement of Burning Crusade (Classic).

Although it's not the original Netherwhelp, some collectors may appreciate the chance of collecting a dragon whelp using the same/similar model. (Onyxian Whelpling and Spawn of Onyxia say 'hello'!)

We'll have to wait and see when and where this little Outland dragon will turn up. Since the files were datamined from the PTR, we have to wonder if we'll be seeing this whelpling Soon™?

In the meantime, check out the different colors Wowhead has datamined!

new Outland dragon whelp colors
Posted by Quintessence

Shadowlands Pre-Patch: Pet Ability Changes

September 03, 2020
Blizzard announced a couple of months ago that some existing battle pet abilities would be updated in Shadowlands. [source]

Terky using Stampede

Updated Abilities Coming In Pre-Patch
These changes for existing battle pets will go into effect in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch (Patch 9.0). It's still unclear when the Pre-Patch will be released, but some speculate it will be within the next few weeks.

In the meantime, it might be a good idea to review pet teams and strategies to make sure they aren't heavily impacted by the upcoming adjustments.

Here's a breakdown of changed abilities.

Flock-like Abilities

— Flat damage each round + Opponents struck take double damage

— Increasing damage each round + Opponents struck take 50% increased damage

— Opponents struck take 100% increased damage

— Opponents struck take 50% increased damage

— Opponents struck take double damage

— Increased damage + Opponents struck take 50% increased damage

Adjusted Damage (reduced)

Adjusted Damage (DoT component increased)

Aquatic Pet Family Passive
— Harmful DoT effects reduced by 50% on Aquatic pets

— Harmful DoT effects reduced by 50% on Aquatic pets + Damage of DoT effects dealt by Aquatic pets increased by 25%

Other Changes

Although Black Claw and other similar flat damage-taken abilities aren't receiving a direct change, how they are applied in combat. Per Blizzard's blog post:

"Flat damage-taken modifiers such as Black Claw now happen **after multipliers such as Shattered Defenses, or pet species strengths/weaknesses. This is a significant change to the value of flat damage abilities. Prior to this change, the value of Black Claw was increased 100% by Shattered Defenses, and if your pet was strong vs the other pet type, it would be increased even further. Flat damage modifiers now happen after all other combat calculations, which wound up being a significant damage output nerf to abilities that hit multiple times, upwards of 25-30% total damage reduction."
Posted by Quintessence
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