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WoD Beta: New Pets & Toys, DMF Trainer, and BMAH Pets

August 05, 2014
Ten New Pets
Nat Pagle can be recruited as a follower at the Fishing Shack in your garrison in the expansion, and he has an awesome pet for sale.

According to El from El's Extreme Anglin', much like in MoP, you'll want to make friends with Nat Pagle by turning in special "Lunker" fish. In exchange he'll trade you one of his Lucky Coins, and you'll gain some reputation with him.

Land Shark
Collect enough coins and earn his esteem and you'll be able to buy the Land Shark (pictured above). Nat Pagle must be the best of the best fishermen if he has pet sharks for sale!

Two new pets, the Fruit Hunter and Hydraling, will come from unknown drops, while the Lanticore Spawnling can be found on a new rarespawn in Upper Black Rock Spire in WoD.

The last new pet, the Nightfeather Hatchling, will likely be wild. Will its name be an indicator of the time of day these feathery friends will appear? We'll have to wait and see.

An additional five pets were datamined but were not included in the journal. It's unknown where they will come from at this time. [source]

List of all WoD Alpha datamined pets

New Darkmoon Faire Battle
We recently reported that a new Grand Master Trainer would be at the Darkmoon Faire in WoD, and we finally had the opportunity to check out his team.

Christoph VonFeasel at the DMF
Christoph VonFeasel can be found next to Jeremey Feasel in the pet battling ring at the faire. VonFeasel's team is as amazing as he looks (pictured right). Challenge him to a battle and you'll face Syd, Mr. Pointy, and Otto. Your eyes are not deceiving you, that really is a cow pet!

Complete VonFeasel's daily quest by defeating this ragtag team, and you'll receive Greater Darkmoon Pet Supplies. There's a chance that you'll find a stowaway pet inside the reward, Syd the Squid.

Play With Your Pets
Do you enjoy playing with your pets and spoiling them with cute costumes and toys? Good news! More fun vanity items are coming in WoD, just for your pets.

It's unclear where the Discarded Bone and Rubber Duck will come from.

The Small Football will be crafted by Leatherworkers while the Murloc Chew Toy will be made by Tailors. We'll have to wait and see how the recipes will be obtained, however both recipes require level 90 to learn. The toys themselves have no level requirement; pet toys for all!

New BMAH Additions
The Black Market Auction House is moving to Draenor in the expansion, and it looks like Madam Goya is expanding her wares.

Pets from Throne of Thunder and even more TCG pets have appeared on the BMAH in the beta. So far players have reported seeing Ji-Kun Hatchling, Viscous Horror and Spectral Tiger Cub for sale on separate occasions, but other pets from ToT and the TCG could also be in the rotation.

If you're still looking for these pets and want to try your luck on the BMAH in WoD, better start saving up a large sum of gold. As rare imports from Azeroth, these pets probably won't be cheap!
Posted by Quintessence

WoW's 10th Anniversary Pet Announced: Molten Corgi

August 06, 2014
World of Warcraft will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this November, and Blizzard recently announced that the Molten Corgi will be joining our sides as we celebrate this amazing milestone. [source]

WoW 10th anniversary pet: Molten Corgi
Players who log into the game during the anniversary event will receive this little dog to add to their collection.

In addition to this pet, players will also have access to other in-game events such as Tarren Mill vs. Southshore and even a 40 man Raid Finder Molten Core. Take your Molten Corgi for a walk in the Molten Core!

The Molten Corgi will only be available for a limited time, approximately two weeks in November. Be sure to log in to claim your very own fiery puppy, you don't want to miss out!

What About Hogs?
In June we reported that a pet named Hogs was datamined, and he was labeled as WoW's 10th anniversary pet.

It's unknown if he will actually be obtainable in the future, or if he was merely keeping the Molten Corgi's seat warm as developers finished training the puppy. We certainly hope to see Hogs as a collectible pet in the future!
Posted by Quintessence

WoD Beta: Two New Pets — Frostwolf Pup and Pygmy Cow

August 07, 2014
A second beta patch was released this week, and two new pets were added to the Pet Journal. [source]

Frostwolf Pup
The Frostwolf Pup (pictured above) (not to be confused with the Frostwolf Ghostpup from archaeology) will be a purchasable pet from an in-game vendor. Players will need to earn a certain amount of reputation with the Frostwolf faction first, although it's not yet specific how much in the journal.

The second new pet was hinted by developers earlier this week on Twitter, and now "operation TinyCow" seems to have come into fruition.

Pygmy Cow
It looks like Trainer Christoph VonFeasel won't be the only owner of a cow companion; players will also be able to collect a Pygmy Cow (pictured right) by building a garrison Barn and then upgrading it to level 3.

Expect to take a few trips to Nagrand first, though. To unlock the level 3 Barn blueprints, players will need to complete the achievement Trapper's Delight, which requires capturing wild beasts in Nagrand to start work orders. Currently each order takes one day to complete, but the Barn attendants will queue up to four at a time.

It may take some time to finally unlock this beautiful bovine, but capturing all those Nagrand talbuk and clefthoof will be worth it for your very own cow!
Posted by Quintessence

Bronze Whelpling Coming In Warlords of Draenor

August 11, 2014
Jonathan LeCraft, Senior Game Designer, recently Tweeted a preview of a new pet coming in Warlords of Draenor, a Bronze Whelpling! [source]

This pet has been on the wish list of many collectors for a while now. Adding the Bronze Whelpling will finally round out our collection of little dragon companions, making each dragon aspect collectible in pet-form.

LeCraft mentioned some additional trivia regarding the Bronze Whelpling. [source]

He went on to explain that the Bronze Whelpling's delayed release was due to some "complex data corruption error" that needed to be sorted out.

It's still a mystery where this pet will come from, but more details are sure to come in the near future. According to LeCraft, the Bronze Whelpling should be added to the beta in an upcoming patch.
Posted by Quintessence

WoD Beta: Firewing, Stormwing and Hatespark the Tiny

August 12, 2014
Three new pets were added to the beta in a recent patch. [source]

Two new pets, Firewing (pictured above) and Stormwing, will be drops from the Big Sack of Pet Supplies.

It's still a mystery where we'll find this new reward bag. With a similar name to the current trainer reward bag, perhaps there will be new pet battle dailies to complete in Draenor. We'll have to wait and see.

Hatespark the Tiny
The third newest addition is Hatespark the Tiny (pictured right). This little fire elemental will be a drop from Ragnaros the Firelord in the anniversary edition of Molten Core. It's currently listed as cageable on the beta.

We still don't know how loot will be distributed within the special 40-player Raid Finder version of Molten Core, but we hope to see many collectors celebrating WoW's 10th anniversary with this fiery friend on their heals.
Posted by Quintessence

Crow — Pet of the Month: August 2014

August 12, 2014
Crow — Pet of the Month

This month's pet is known for bringing darkness wherever it goes, but it makes a fine feathered friend for any collector and battler — it's the Crow!

Collecting the Crow
The Crow is a wild pet that resides in the dark forest on the Darkmoon Island. Due to mysterious forces behind the island, adventurers can only visit during the first full week of each month.

Although this pet is wild, it's a crafty creature and it cannot be easily found wandering around the island. The Crow only spawns as a secondary pet in a wild battle, so collectors will need to find a Darkmoon Glowfly to engage in battle with to lure out the elusive bird. Keep in mind that Glowflies will only have a secondary pet on their team if they are level 5 or higher, and not all teams will be accompanied by a Crow even if they are of appropriate level.

Players struggling to find one or a specific breed can always continue the search on another server. Joining a group with a RealID friend or even creating a new character on a different realm — there are a few methods that would work.

The Darkmoon Faire has come and gone for this month, so be prepared to wander and search the gloomy forest of the Darkmoon Island for your very own Crow next month!

Battling with the Crow
The Crow is an offensive marvel. It shares its most flashy moveset with its popular cousin, the Gilnean Raven.

Darkness is a weather effect which decreases healing done, blinds your opponent and reduces their accuracy. However, blinding your opponent boosts the hit chance of the deadly Nocturnal Strike from 50% to 100%.

Both the Crow and Raven also have the same choices in the first slot as well. Peck is a standard, no-frills Flying dps move. Alpha Strike is a bit trickier. It deals additional damage if your pet goes first. It also deals that damage in two separate strikes, making it a poor choice if your opponent has a damage shield like Stoneskin, but usually Alpha Strike has better throughput than Peck otherwise.

Crow using Murder
The place the Crow differs is with the addition of Murder. Besides having a really cool ability name, it applies the Shattered Defenses debuff we've all come to love and hate in the same fashion as Swarm. Small hits, which then add up to double the damage per hit. Shattered Defenses is key for many synergistic combos, making this pet quite versatile. The Darkness/Nocturnal Strike 1 - 2 punch is better for solo throughput and PVP.

The one place the Crow is lacking is in defense. Though the Crow's last ability, Squawk, can help a bit in this aspect, its reduction is by a mere 25%. It also takes the place of Call Darkness, meaning that you should only use Squawk if you're opting to not use Nocturnal Strike, or have another option for that synergy up your sleeve.

Check out our forum thread discussion on the Crow and submit your own thoughts on this pet.

Battling Discussion on the Crow

Pet of the Month is co-written by Liopleurodon, an experienced pet battler and long-time WoW player. She maintains her own Pet Battle blog, comprised of pet analyses, team strategies and general thoughts on pets.
Posted by Quintessence

WoD Beta: New and Updated Pets, Achievements and Trainers

August 19, 2014
A patch for the WoD Beta was recently released, and it included many new pets, updates to previously implemented pets, new achievements and six Draenor trainers. [source]

Twenty-Eight New Pets
The beta Pet Journal is absolutely overflowing with new pets, many of which are currently labeled as wild. There are different moths, fireflies, and crabs among other pets you can encounter while traveling in Draenor.

Son of Sethe
Other additions include pets purchased from vendors and require Revered reputation with certain factions. One such pet is Son of Sethe (pictured right) from the Outcast Arakkoa, our first wind serpent companion!

There are two new dropped pets — Bronze Whelpling and Eye of Observation (pictured below). The whelpling can be obtained from the Iron Horde during the level 90+ event in Blasted Lands, and the eye can be looted from Oromo the Observer in Talador.

Eye of Observation
Multiple quests will have pets as rewards, but two can only be obtained by building an Inn in your garrison. Once built, the Inn will receive visits from special NPCs each day, and they will offer players a daily quest. Keep your eye out for two specific visitors, Mylune and Cowled Ranger. Complete a task for them and you'll receive an Everbloom Peachick and Sentinel's Companion.

Soul of the Forge
Enjoy tinkering with toys and trinkets or bending metals into weapons and armor? Two new pets will be available via Engineering and Blacksmithing, the Mechanical Scorpid and Soul of the Forge (pictured right).

It's unknown where the schematic for the scorpid will come from, and it's still a mystery how Blacksmiths will obtain this molten pet.

The patch added many more new pets, as well as updates to previously datamined companions. These updates include renames and changes to how the pets can be acquired. We've included all of this information in our ever-growing list of WoD pets, so check it out!

List of all WoD Alpha datamined pets

New Pet Achievements
Collectors rejoice, an achievement to collect 600 unique pets is on the way! So. Many. Pets. rewards a pet that was implemented in a previous beta patch, Stormwing (pictured right).

Another notable achievement for collectors is a Feat of Strength. Get your PVP gear ready — Victory in Hillsbrad requires a victory in WoW's special 10th anniversary event, the Southshore vs. Tarren Mill battleground. Should you come out victorious, Hogs might just deem you a worthy champion and join your army of pets!

Last but not least, earning Gold in all of the Draenor Challenge Modes with your guild may unlock a pet for you and your guildmates. The achievement Challenge Warlords: Gold - Guild Edition seems to be incomplete at the moment, and the pet reward is not specified yet. We'll have to wait and see what reward awaits those that conquer Challenge Modes!

A New Challenger Appears!
Six new Pet Battle trainers can now be found in Draenor, one in each zone (not including Tanaan Jungle). One NPC might sound familiar; Cymre Brightblade is the tribute NPC to avid WoW player and blogger, Cymre Jones!

Players can challenge these NPCs to a Pet Battle and complete their daily quests. For your efforts you'll be rewarded with Pet Supplies, and inside you'll find the new currency Pet Charms, plus one of the new leveling battle-stones.

Before you storm into Draenor to take on these new trainers, you'll need some prior Pet Battling experience. According to developer Jonathan LeCraft, you'll need to have completed some of the previous trainer encounters prior to the six in Draenor.

These six new trainers only have teams consisting of rare quality level 25 pets, however Cymre has a special team of legendaries. Perhaps some extra training for your pets to prepare for Draenor wouldn't hurt!
Posted by Quintessence

WoD Beta: 8 New Pets, A Guild Pet, Spacegoats and Grommlocs

August 22, 2014
A second patch was deployed to the WoD Beta this week. There are new pets to behold, an update to an achievement, and two intriguing images that we hope are pet-related! [source]

Eight New Pets
The majority of the pets added in the latest patch are currently labeled as wild, but this could change over the course of the beta.

Bone Serpent
  • Bone Serpent (pictured above) - Wild (unique)
  • Flat-Tooth Calf - Wild (Nagrand, Draenor)
  • Glowing Sporebat - Wild
  • Kaliri Hatchling - Wild
  • Mudback Calf - Wild (Nagrand, Draenor)
  • Rubyfeather - Wild
  • Servant of Demidos - Drop (Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor)
  • Shadow Sporebat - Wild

Datamining revealed two pet items that might be related to the new pets — Kaliri Hatchling and Veilwatcher Hatchling. The first one teaches the pet of the same name, and the second teaches Rubyfeather.

We'll see what will become of these two pets, as well as others.

With the recent update to the beta, we've surpassed the 100 new pets mark. There are currently 104 possible pets coming in the expansion. That's a lot of pets!

List of all WoD Alpha datamined pets

Challenge (Mode) Accepted
Deathwatch Hatchling
The new Gold Challenge Mode guild achievement was updated to include a pet reward, a Deathwatch Hatchling (pictured right). This pet was previously named Black Ravager Hatchling and Shadeback Hatchling.

In the same fashion as the MoP Challenge Mode guild achievement that unlocks the Thundering Serpent Hatchling, to unlock the ravager pet, players will need to earn gold in all of the Draenor Challenge Modes while in a guild group.

Those successful will be able to purchase the Deathwatch Ravager from a guild vendor for 300 gold. Although the pet doesn't specify at the moment, players will probably need a guild reputation of Revered or higher to buy this pet.

Spacegoats and Grommlocs
MMO-Champion datamined a new creature model (pictured below), appropriately named "spacegoat" (or more accurately, "LiterallyASpacegoat").

There's no indication if this will be a pet or not, but we can only hope. Who could resist those big eyes and ears, little hooves, and red nose?

Another interesting image that was datamined by Wowhead is an icon titled "grommloc" (pictured right).

There is speculation that this icon may belong to a Warlord-themed baby murloc. It certainly looks like a murloc of some kind, and if its name is any indication perhaps Grom Hellscream had some influence.

Most murloc-themed pets are associated with special events such as Blizzcon, so could this be this year's Blizzcon pet? We'll have to wait and see!
Posted by Quintessence

Changes to Acquiring the Thundering Serpent Hatchling In WoD

August 29, 2014
Blizzard announced that the current season of MoP Challenge Modes will be ending with the pre-expansion patch. [source]

Thundering Serpent Hatchling In WoD
All MoP Challenge Mode achievements earned will become Feats of Strength. This includes the guild achievement that unlocks the Thundering Serpent Hatchling.

In addition to this change, updates from the WoD Beta indicate that the pet will not be available on the guild vendor in the expansion.

However, the Thundering Serpent Hatchling will not be going away any time soon. Those that purchased it prior to WoD will retain it in their collection, and those without it will still have a chance to collect it.

Listing in the WoD Beta Pet Journal
In WoD, you may see this little green dragon on the new Draenor BMAH every now and then. It's still unclear what the starting price of the Thundering Serpent Hatchling will be, or how often it will appear on the BMAH.

Collect Today!
Thundering Serpent Hatchling
If the prospect of AH bidding wars seems daunting, there's still plenty of time to join a guild that's unlocked the pet. You will need to earn revered with the guild first and foremost; the pet costs 300 gold.

For those still in need of the Thundering Serpent Hatchling, WarcraftPets has a Horde guild on US Madoran that is open to all collectors. Message any current member of Magical Menagerie for an invite. This is a family-friendly and fun guild, so everyone is welcome! Read the guild rules for more information.

If Horde doesn't tickle your fancy, we also have a list of other guilds (both Horde and Alliance) on US and EU servers that will accept collectors seeking the pet.

List of Thundering Serpent Hatchling guilds
Posted by Quintessence

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