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WoD Beta: Five New Pets Added to the Pet Journal

July 03, 2014
UPDATE: LeCraft shared another preview of an upcoming pet, the Molten Corgi!

Moonshell Crab
We still don't know how players will obtain this pet, but LeCraft has assured us that this will be a "real pet" in the future.

Another patch for the WoD Beta was released that included some new pets! [source]

New Faces In the Pet Journal
The Pet Journal was updated with five more pets.

Moonshell Crab
  • Elekk Calf: Quest reward ("Awesome Quest")
  • Meadowstomper Calfling: Unknown (BoP)
  • Moonshell Crab: Wild (Shadowmoon Valley, Draenor)
  • Ravager Spawnling: Unknown Draenor drop (BoP)
  • Sea Calf: Fishing (BoP)

List of all WoD Alpha datamined pets

Tailoring recipes for a Creeping Carpet and Miniature Flying Carpet was also datamined, however both items appear to be works in progress so it's unclear if these will become pets or not.

A mini-carpet pet or even a flying carpet for your pet to ride alongside you — both sound like pretty cool ideas!

New Battle Pet NPC
Wowhead datamined another battle pet, but this one cannot be added to your collection. [source]

Lio (pictured right) will most likely be a "boss pet" and in similar fashion as Eleanor, is the namesake of an avid collector and battler, Liopleurodon.

If that name sounds familiar, not only does she maintain her own blog consisting of Pet Battle strats and news, she also co-writes the Pet of the Month feature for WarcraftPets.

This battle pet uses the thresher model, a type of pet that we have yet to add to our collections. We can only hope that Lio has some adorable offspring that we can adopt!
Posted by Quintessence

WoD Beta: Four New Pets and Model Changes

July 10, 2014
A new WoD Beta patch was recently released, and the Pet Journal acquired four new pets. [source]

Dwarf Gronnling
  • Draenei Micro Defender: Unknown drop (BoP)
  • Dwarf Gronnling: Unknown drop
  • Molten Corgi: Unknown (BoP)
  • River Calf: Wild (Found in Nagrand, Draenor and may also be known as Hippo Calf)

List of all WoD Alpha datamined pets

The preview of the Draenei Micro Defender is still somewhat incomplete in the Pet Journal, however Wowhead has a fantastic 3D model preview of what this pet may look like once finished. Check out those shields!

A Few Pet Makeovers
Player character models will be undergoing major changes in WoD. As a side effect of these updates, a few of our pets will also be receiving a small face-lift.

Father Winter's Helper model update
Not all pets will be affected, and only those that share similar looks to the updated character models will be altered.

Currently the Argent Squire and Argent Gruntling remain unchanged.

We'll miss these familiar old faces, but our pets will still be the same lovable companions that we cherish and adore.
Posted by Quintessence

WoD Beta: Eleven New Pets - Rise of the Insects

July 12, 2014
There was a substantial update to the WoD Beta Pet Journal in the latest patch — eleven new pets!

An Insect Invasion
Ravager Wasp Colors

The bulk of the recent update included four ravager hatchling pets and five new wasp pets.

Ravager Hatchling Colors
Wasps (pictured above) from left to right:

  • Albino Ravager Wasp
  • Blue Ravager Wasp
  • Gold Ravager Wasp
  • Green Ravager Wasp
  • Red Ravager Wasp

Ravagers (pictured right) from upper left to right:

  • Brown Ravager Hatchling
  • Green Ravager Hatchling
  • Black Ravager Hatchling
  • Blue Ravager Hatchling

All of these pets are currently listed as unknown drops from Draenor. We hope we won't have to suffer too many bug bites to collect them.

Two More New Pets
In addition to the handful of ravager and wasp pets, there were two other new pets — Runtish Gronnling and Sky-Bo. [source]

The Runtish Gronnling is currently listed as a drop from a unique source, "Your Attitude". This one-eyed pet may look familiar; it's a re-skinned version of the Dwarf Gronnling.

Sky-Bo is an engineering pet and seems to be the Sky Golem's smaller counterpart. Just don't expect to ride the Sky-Bo!

List of all WoD Alpha datamined pets
Posted by Quintessence

Clockwork Gnome — Pet of the Month: July 2014

July 16, 2014
Clockwork Gnome — Pet of the Month

Its original purpose as a Titan construct is long forgotten. Now it serves as a loyal traveling companion and fearsome battling adversary — it's the Clockwork Gnome!

Collecting the Clockwork Gnome
Clockwork Gnome
The road to obtaining your own Clockwork Gnome might be a long one. It requires a time-consuming secondary profession, Archaeology. However, this pet can be caged so if traveling from digsite to digsite isn't your cup of tea, the Auction House is another place to look.

For the archaeologists out there, collecting the Clockwork Gnome can take some time, depending on your luck. According to Wowhead, the earliest skill level players might discover this pet is 75. This isn't guaranteed or very common though, and it's much more likely that you'll level this profession well beyond 75 before coming across the pet.

If you're just starting out with Archaeology and have your eyes set on the Clockwork Gnome, you'll want to begin your search in the Eastern Kingdoms. This pet can only be crafted by collecting 100 Dwarf Archaeology Fragments, and the Eastern Kingdoms is where you'll find the appropriate digsites. The recipe also allows for three Dwarf Rune Stones, equivalent to 36 fragments or 12 fragments each rune stone, so hang onto any that you find while digging. Using these Rune Stones will cut down on the number of fragments you need to collect.

Another option for those that have 525 Archaeology or higher is to head to Pandaria and collect the Pandaren, Mogu, or Mantid fragments found there. Crafting common (white) items from these three races will yield Restored Artifacts, which can be used as currency to purchase crates of pre-Pandaria fragments, including Crate of Dwarven Archaeology Fragments. Restored Artifacts can also be purchased from the Spirit of Harmony vendor in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.

Crates contain 5-10 fragments of their respective race, but you must have an Archaeology skill of 600 before you can open them. It doesn't hurt to stock up on crates while you continue leveling this profession though. Just keep digging!

For additional information on leveling Archaeology, check out this guide on Wowhead.

Battling with the Clockwork Gnome
The clockwork gnome is a dapper killing machine, literally.

In his first slot, there's a choice between standard single-hitting abilities. Either the mechanical Metal Fist or the elemental Rail Gun are solid choices. In general I prefer Metal Fist because of a slightly higher accuracy, and also because when I use my Gnome I'm usually doing so for his Mechanical damage.

The second slot is either the 2-turn self-heal Repair or the humanoid ability Blitz. I tend to prefer Repair in PVE settings, where I have more control over the battle, and Blitz in PVP. However, because Blitz's damage is reliant on being first to act, I don't frequently get to use it over the ability I chose for the 1st slot (family weaknesses being the exception).

The last slot is what shapes your strategy with the Clockwork Gnome. You can choose between the strong DoT always applied to the front line, Build Turret, or the big single nuke Launch Rocket.

Clockwork Gnome priming Launch Rocket
Launch Rocket has to be primed each time before it can be exploded in a blaze of glory. Using it can require some careful planning, though once it is primed it can be launched at your leisure. So you can take a turn in between prime & launch to stack a buff or two.

The nature of the gnome's abilities means that he plays best when you can find him a partner. Either an additive debuff like Wild Magic with the Turret set, or a multiplicative one like any of the myriad Shattered Defenses vehicles with the Rocket set make this robot really shine.

Check out our forum thread discussion on the Clockwork Gnome and submit your own thoughts on this pet.

Battling Discussion on the Clockwork Gnome

Pet of the Month is co-written by Liopleurodon, an experienced pet battler and long-time WoW player. She maintains her own Pet Battle blog, comprised of pet analyses, team strategies and general thoughts on pets.
Posted by Quintessence

WoD Beta: Eleven New Pets, New Battle-Stones and Vanity Items

July 18, 2014
A large number of pets was added in a recent WoD Beta patch. There are also new items, some to help you battle and others just for fun. [source]

Eleven New Pets
In this latest beta patch we found ten new pets in the Pet Journal, plus one that was not listed.

Axebeak Hatchlings
  • Blue Axebeak Hatchling
  • Brown Axebeak Hatchling
  • Green Axebeak Hatchling
  • Red Axebeak Hatchling

You may recognize these first four pets (pictured right), as we mentioned them previously in our preview of new pet models and colors.

The Axebeak Hatchlings are likely wild and will be found in Draenor. We're happy to see that these beautiful birds will be joining our collections in WoD!

Next, there are two holiday pets, the Lovebird Hatchling from Love is in the Air and the Bush Chicken from Pilgrim's Bounty.

The Bush Chicken is currently listed in the Pet Journal as a vendor pet from Love is in the Air, however developer Jeremy Feasel notes that this is a bug. Instead, players will "rescue it from a delicious doom during Pilgrim's Bounty".

Syd the Squid
A new Grand Master Trainer will be appearing at the Darkmoon Faire in WoD, Christoph VonFeasel. Completing his daily quest rewards Greater Darkmoon Pet Supplies, which has a chance of dropping a pet, Syd the Squid (pictured above).

The final three newly discovered pets come from varying sources according to the Pet Journal.

  • Gnawtooth Rat - Pet Battle: Garrison
  • Goren Youngling - Unknown drop
  • Stonegrinder - Unknown drop (Draenor)

Last but not least, there is one additional pet that was not included in the Pet Journal, Mystical Spring Bouquet. Much like the balloons and most kites, the Spring Bouquet will not have stats or be able to enter a battle. It looks like it will be a lovely, colorful companion though.

List of all WoD Alpha datamined pets

New Battle-Stones and Vanity Items
Leveling hundreds of pets might be daunting for many players, however there might be some help on the way.

The latest beta patch added ten family-specific battle-training stones. Unlike the previously datamined leveling battle-stones, these grant a pet only one level and are not marked as "testing" items. It's still unknown where these new stones will come from, or how common they'll be.

Perky Pug Lil' Starlet
Battling and leveling aside, some pets just want to have fun! Three new vanity items for the Perky Pug will be available in WoD, "Lil' Starlet" Costume (pictured right), "Mad Alchemist" Costume, and Perky Blaster.

Playing dress up with your Pug is all fine and dandy, but take care when handing your pup fireworks!
Posted by Quintessence

Pet Battle: Hit and Critical Strike In Warlords of Draenor

July 19, 2014
Hit and Critical Strike
Senior game designer, Jonathan LeCraft, recently provided some insight on how hit and critical strike will affect certain abilities in Warlords of Draenor.

"Pet battle theorycrafters: hit and crit positively influence abilities with damage ranges."

Celestalon expands further on this concept in the Blizzard forums. [source]

For battle pet abilities with damage variance, here is an example of how it works:

Let's say your ability inflicts 200 to 440. The average would be 320.
We calculate our roll size as (400 - 220) / 2 = 120.
We then roll 120 three times and take the highest value. Our rolls are 14, 56, and 101, so we take 101. This is to give more noticable results and keep us away from the average.

Now we determine if the roll is added to or subtracted from the average.

Your base chance for a positive result is 50%.
If your hit is above 100%, your chance for a positive result is 50% + (Hit - 100) (EDIT: Fixed this formula). So, you always get a positive result at 150% hit and higher.
Critical strikes are ALWAYS positive.

A positive result would be 320 + 101 = 421
A critical strike would be (320 + 101) * 1.5 = 631
Otherwise the result would be 320 - 101 = 219

Please feel free to send questions and concerns to @TheCrafticus on Twitter.

Misses Still Possible
Although many abilities that currently have a 95% chance to hit will be changed to 100% in WoD, LeCraft notes that misses can still occur if pets are under the effects of an ability that reduces hit.

"They can still miss if there's a reduced effect active (Call Darkness, Stench, etc.) But 100% base!"

These changes should provide a better safeguard against miss-streaks, however it will be interesting to see how specific abilities will be affected under different circumstances.

For pet theorycrafters and curious battlers, WarcraftPets users have a fantastic discussion thread in our Pet Battles forum on this very topic.

Speculation on WoD hit changes
Posted by Quintessence

WoD Beta: Seven New Pets, Pug Costume & Safari Hat Update

July 25, 2014
Holiday and Archaeology Pets
Yesterday's beta patch introduced seven new pets, many of which are new holiday rewards! [source]

Frostwolf Ghostpup
  • Ancient Nest Guardian - Archaeology
  • Blazing Cindercrawler - Midsummer Fire Festival
  • Cursed Burman - Hallow's End
  • Frostwolf Ghostpup - Archaeology (pictured above)
  • Netherspawn, Spawn of Netherspawn - Drop
  • Stout Alemental - Brewfest
  • Widget the Departed - Hallow's End

List of all WoD Alpha datamined pets

Playing Dress Up
Lio the Lioness vendor
A new Perky Pug outfit was datamined, in addition to the two we recently mentioned. Get ready to cower in awe and fear, it's a "Yipp-Saron" Costume!

It's still unclear where these new outfits will come from, however an NPC that resides at the Pet Menagerie inside your garrison might be a good candidate.

Lio the Lioness is a vendor that sells the same Perky Pug hats as Whizzig from the Timeless Isle, so she may have these newest costumes for sale as well.

In addition to pet outfits and treats, you can also purchase the new leveling battle-stones from Lio. One thing to note is that she only accepts Pet Charms as payment for her wares. It's still unknown how these charms can be obtained, but it's likely related to the pet trainer daily from your garrison.

Safari Hat Update
Last month we reported some awesome changes to the Safari Hat. Unfortunately, the hat has been excluded from the Toy Box as of the latest beta patch.

However, developer Jonathan LeCraft clarified that the hat will continue to function in its updated form despite being removed from the Toy Box. You'll be able to wear your Safari Hat without fear of misplacing your main helm in WoD.

So continue to save an inventory spot for the Safari Hat — it will come in handy with all of the new pets coming in the expansion!
Posted by Quintessence

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