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Siphon Anima

Siphon Anima
3 Round Cooldown

100% Hit Chance 


Deals 354 Mechanical damage.


The user is healed for 100% of the damage dealt.

Vs. Beast

Vs. Elemental


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Used By:
Animite Broodling

Pet Battle: [25] Korthia

Devouring Animite [Devouring Animite]

Shadowlands Adventures: Charthox the Indomitable [60]

Zone: Ardenweald, Bastion, Maldraxxus, Revendreth


Pet Battle: [25] Korthia

Gnashtooth [Gnashtooth]

Drop: Supplies of the Archivists' Codex

Zone: Korthia

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Servant of Demidos [Servant of Demidos]

Drop: Demidos [40]

Zone: Shadowmoon Valley (Draenor)

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 10

Sinheart [Sinheart]

Vendor: Chachi the Artiste

Zone: Revendreth

Covenant: Venthyr (Renown 27)

Cost: 1500Reservoir Anima 30Grateful Offering (unlimited supply)

Son of Animus [Son of Animus]

Drop: Dark Animus [??+]

Zone: Throne of Thunder

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 91

Wild Corpsefly

Pet Battle: [25] Korthia

Will of Remornia [Pommel Jewel of Remornia]

Drop: Sire Denathrius [??+]

Zone: Castle Nathria

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

1-9 of 9
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