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Pet Battle Royale: Faction Flying Fight

September 12, 2016
Pet Battle RoyaleWhile pet battling can be a good time, sometimes it's a lot of fun to think how our favorite companions might fare in a different kind of fight. The ring is ready for another Pet Battle Royale!

Here, we present different battle pets and then you, the WarcraftPets community, vote to determine the winner.

Alliance versus Horde
Much of the story of Legion talks about togetherness and defeating a common foe. However, through the fjords of Stormheim a very different tale is told. The Worgen and the Undead, Genn Graymane and Sylvanas Windrunner, are locked in a conflict that began long ago. Each side is trying to find redemption in their partnership with the Val'kyr, but it remains to be seen just who the victor will be. So let's figure out who might win the pet battle.

Here’s the tale of the tape...

Gilnean Raven
Breed: Gilnean Raven
Name: Leonard
Age: 5 years
Height: 2 feet, 1 inches
Weight: 2 pounds 5 ounces
Wingspan: 3.8 feet
Hometown: Gilneas
Signature Move: Nocturnal Strike
Favorite Food: Peanuts

Breed: Blighthawk
Name: Glomeral
Age: 4 year living, 2 years unliving
Height: 2 feet 3 inches
Weight: 4 pounds 1 ounce
Wingspan 4 feet
Hometown: Western Plaguelands
Signature Move: Infected Claw
Favorite Food: Carrion Surprise

You Decide Who Wins!
So, WarcraftPets, who should win?

Both the Raven and Blighthawk are fairly prized as battlers. The Raven has even had a spot in our Pet of the Month feature before. Both have seen a fair amount of action in both PVP and PVE, which is no surprise since they both have decent utility and killer DPS. No, the issue here likely amounts to your garden variety faction war. Are you behind the Lich Queen as she seeks the power of the Val'kyr, or do you support Genn Greymane's blind struggle for vengeance?

Head to the poll and cast your vote

Voting ends September 19thth, so don't delay in helping decide which pet takes all!
Posted by Liopleurodon
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BlizzCon 2016: In-Game Redeemable Pet Announced

September 15, 2016
Blizzard has finally revealed this year's BlizzCon redeemable battle pet — Legionnaire Murky and Knight-Captain Murky! [source]

Legionnaire Murky and Knight-Captain Murky
"There comes a time when every murloc must choose a side. Will you mrglgglllgl for the Horde alongside Legionnaire Murky, or dive into battle for the Alliance at Knight-Captain Murky’s command?"

It's unclear if players will be able to collect both murlocs, à la Moonkin Hatchling, or if redeeming a BlizzCon murloc will grant only one faction's pet.

We certainly hope it's the former and collectors will be able to obtain both Legionnaire Murky and Knight-Captain Murky. Hopefully some clarification will come soon.
Posted by Quintessence

Patch 7.1 PTR: Raiding With Leashes IV and More

September 20, 2016
Patch 7.1 hit the PTR last week. Datamining revealed new pets, many of which will come from the next installment of Raiding With Leashes. [source]

New Pets In 7.1
27 new pets were discovered on the 7.1 PTR. A large number of these new pets will be part of Raiding With Leashes IV: Wrath of the Lick King.

4 New Falcosaurus pets

  • 16 Raiding With Leashes pets from Ulduar, Trial of the Crusader, and Icecrown Citadel, most of which have fun idle animations/interactions!
  • Plus another pet that also drops in Trial of the Crusader but is not part of the achievement
  • A new pet as the reward from the Raiding With Leashes IV quest (see below for more information)
  • 4 baby falcosaurus pets (pictured above)
  • 2 world event pets, one from Midsummer Fire Festival and the other from Noblegarden
  • 2 PVP prestige pets
  • Last but not least, a new pet that drops from Torn Sack of Pet Supplies — could there be a new Pet Battle daily or weekly in 7.1?

Check out all 27 datamined pets

A Cosmic Pet Battle
Collectors will be glad to hear that a new chapter of Raiding With Leashes will be released in the next content patch.

Unlike previous iterations of this achievement, completing the Wrath of the Lich King version will not directly reward a pet.

Instead, players will receive an item through the in-game mail. The Celestial Invitation will start a quest that takes you to just outside of Ulduar for a special Pet Battle encounter.

Algalon, Celestial Pet Tamer
It would seem that Algalon has taken up Pet Battling during his free time, and has managed to collect three legendary Elite pets!

Algalon's legendary pets

Defeat him in a Pet Battle and your reward will be Stardust, an adorable celestial bunny.

Are you ready to battle this celestial watcher's pets? The match is sure to be a tough one. You're fighting a cosmic Pet Battler afterall!
Posted by Quintessence

Lurking Owl Kitten — Pet of the Month: September 2016

September 23, 2016
Lurking Owl Kitten - Pet of the Month September 2016

Is it a cat or is it an owl? Either way, it is absolutely adorable! This month we're covering the Lurking Owl Kitten.

Collecting the Lurking Owl Kitten
Lurking Owl Kitten
The Lurking Owl Kitten has the best of both worlds — part feather and part furry fluff, plus 100% cuteness.

To collect this pet, you will need to be level 110 and complete the initial storyline that unlocks access to Suramar. This quest chain starts in Dalaran, and satisfies the Nightfallen objective in the meta-achievement Nightfallen But Not Forgotten.

Once this group of quests is complete, head north along the main road. NPCs at a small camp northeast of Falanaar (near the northern-most Suramar flightpath) will have a few tasks for you, one of which is herding nearby owl kittens.

Getting your targets to move can be tricky, and it's easier to "push" the owl kittens while dismounted. Simply stand behind them and slowly direct them toward the quest giver. But this pet definitely takes after its finicky feline relatives, and the Lurking Owl Kitten may not be so easily convinced to go in the direction you'd like them to.

Once you've completed You've Got to Be Kitten Me Right Meow, it rewards the pet. This quest is part of the Eminent Grow-main section of the meta-achievement Good Suramaritan.

The Lurking Owl Kitten is a one of a kind companion, one that collectors don't want to miss out on. It can be caged and traded/sold, but the quest is worth trying out just to see how well you can herd owl kittens!

Battling with the Lurking Owl Kitten
The Lurking Owl Kitten combines some of the best parts of Owls and Kittens into one squeezable cute package. In terms of battling, it's a bit heavier on the Kitten than the Owl, sharing four abilities and the Beast family type with cats.

First, they share the straightforward damage ability Claw. The Owl Kitten has the same second slot abilities as cats. Screech decreases your opponent's speed, while Rake decreases the damage dealt by their next attack. Lastly is Prowl, a powerful third slot ability which increases damage done by the Owl Kitten's next attack.

The trade off here is, no Devour, which is central to any longevity a cat may have in battle. The other cat ability, Prowl, does have a higher throughput than Claw. In their place, the Owl Kitten gains a couple of Flying moves. There's Quills, which is a relatively straightforward multi-hit DPS move.

Lurking Owl Kitten using Feathered Frenzy
Lastly is Feathered Frenzy (example above), which you may remember from Vesharr in Spires of Arak. This makes the Lurking Owl Kitten take damage as though it were a Flying pet for one round, in addition to a damage multiplier. It's an interesting move which may be used tactically to great effect, both from the multiplier and the family swap.

The Lurking Owl Kitten ends up being a unique pet, both in moves and with its adorable model? Did I mention it's cute?

Battling Discussion on the Lurking Owl Kitten

Pet of the Month is co-written by Liopleurodon, an experienced pet battler and long-time WoW player. She maintains her own Pet Battle blog and is a Pet Battle columnist on the fansite Blizzard Watch.
Posted by Quintessence

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