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Patch 6.2.2 is Live: 11 New Pets, A New Pet Battle Quest and More

September 01, 2015
UPDATE: Patch 6.2.2 includes some quality of life changes for Pet Battlers. Battle Pet Bandages now stack to 250, and the Safari Hat was added to the Toy Box!

It was also noted that you can now queue for Pet Battle PVP matches while in Tanaan, when previously you could not.

6.2.2 is Live with 11 New Pets!
Patch 6.2.2 is here! It's time to take to the skies in Draenor in search of new pets and to complete a new Pet Battle weekly quest. [source]

11 New Pets
Empowered Manafiend, Empyreal Manafiend, Energized Manafiend

  • 3 new manafiend pets (pictured above) drop from rare elites in the un-instanced version of Highmaul in western Nagrand. You'll need flying to reach this area!
  • Adopt a new pet, Brightpaw, from the Blizzard Pet Store in the near future.
  • 2 new Collector's Edition pets — one from Legion and the other from Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void
  • BlizzCon 2015 pet, Murkidan, will be making an appearance in November!
  • 3 new Hallow's End pets of unknown origin. We hope to have more information soon.
  • Who enjoys Feast of Winter Veil? Probably not Grumpling, a new pet you can collect during the in-game event.

Check out the Patch 6.2.2 pets!

Note that many of the newly added pets will not be collectible right at the start of Patch 6.2.2. They will be released in the coming months; we can't wait to see them in-game!

New Pet Battle Weekly Quest
NPC offering Battle Pet Tamers: Warlords
The NPC at your Menagerie must have an overstock of battlestones, because she has a new weekly quest that rewards 10 Flawless Battle-Training Stones.

Battle Pet Tamers: Warlords is an account-wide weekly quest that is available at any Menagerie level. You don't need to have the Menagerie unlocked to be able to pick up and complete this quest.

Defeat 5 Draenor Trainers (Erris the Collector and Kura Thunderhoof also count) and you'll be 10 battlestones richer.

Talk about a quick and easy way to stock up on stones or catch-up on pet levels!

Timewalking Pet Rewards
If you're still in need of the four crocolisk pets (one pictured right), but can't be bothered waiting for Old Man Barlo to offer Crocolisks in the City, the Burning Crusade Timewalking Holiday might be the event for you.

You can now collect Timewarped Badges from Timewalking bosses during the event. Use this new currency to purchase a wide range of items from event-specific NPCs.

The Burning Crusade Timewalking Holiday NPC is Cupri, who sells Bag of Fishing Treasures for 150 Timewarped Badges. This might put Old Man Barlo out of business!

It's speculated that the Wrath of the Lich King NPC, Auzin, will sell something similar. Bag of Fishing Treasures from the Northrend fishing dailies might also be purchasable, making it possible to collect the Strand Crawler during the Timewalking Holiday. We'll see!
Posted by Quintessence

Sister of Temptation — Pet of the Month: September 2015

September 24, 2015
Sister of Temptation - Pet of the Month: September 2015

This month's pet isn't exclusive to warlocks anymore. She's a seducer of mortals, now in pint-sized form, and can even charm critters. Let's take a look at the Sister of Temptation!

Collecting the Sister of Temptation
Sister of Temptation
Legion was revealed as the next WoW expansion, but if you can't wait to face the forces of the Burning Legion again, take a trip down memory lane to the Black Temple.

There, you might be fortunate enough to receive the Sister of Temptation from one of the Burning Legion's shivarra priestesses, Mother Shahraz.

Black Temple is a level 70 raid in Outland. Maxed level characters should have no problem entering and defeating creatures and bosses in this zone, while characters level 70 and below might need to bring a friend or two.

To collect the Sister of Temptation you'll need to clear all bosses prior to Mother Shahraz's area. After defeating the first six bosses, the upper portion of Black Temple, the Den of Mortal Delights, will unlock.

Traditionally, a raid group consisting of multiple tanks, healers and damage dealers was necessary to bring down Mother Shahraz, however the fight is now trivial and can be easily defeated by a single max level character. Don't let her cleaves, silences, and AOE damage deter you from collecting a wicked little pet!

Once vanquished, Mother Shahraz has a chance to drop the Sister of Temptation (approximate drop rate: 1 in 25). This pet comes in four different breeds, so you might want to visit this nostalgic raid more than once to collect all of the breeds.

The Sister of Temptation is a fantastic pet to have at your side. Sassy and seductive, hearts form over nearby critters' heads as they fall temporarily in love with her. One might even think she's trying to help you acquire more pets (if only).

Not only does she lure unsuspecting critters, the Sister of Temptation is a color-changer. When summoned, her appearance can take on either a black or red scheme.

Collect the Sister of Temptation to check off a pet in the Raiding with Leashes III: Drinkin' From the Sunwell achievement, or collect her simply for fun. Either way, don't head into Legion without this mini-succubus by your side!

Battling with the Sister of Temptation
The Sister of Temptation has a seductively Undead-heavy moveset for a Humanoid. This relatively unique combo makes her an excellent pet to use against Humanoids with Critter attacks.

Her moves include a lot of damage over time. Agony starts off with smaller damage and then hits progressively harder. Siphon Life heals for a set amount each time it deals damage. She also has Curse of Doom, which is a delayed big hit and an excellent choice to layer on buffs.

This small seductress can also deal direct damage with Shadow Shock if that's what you're into.

Sister of Temptation's opponent under the effects of Lovestruck
Her last slot is where she gets a bit tricky. You can either choose Lovestruck (pictured above), a straight up one round stun, or Haunting Song, an ability that heals the entire team. Both have their uses, though in general Lovestruck makes for a more tempting pick against single pets while you may be more charmed by Haunting Song in multi-pet fights.

This pet has such allure you may forget that she's a part of the Burning Legion. Well, as Demon Hunters are about to show us, the enemy of my enemy is my friend and the Sister of Temptation is happy to demonstrate that axiom as well.

Check out our forum thread discussion on the Sister of Temptation and submit your own thoughts on this pet.

Battling Discussion on the Sister of Temptation

Pet of the Month is co-written by Liopleurodon, an experienced pet battler and long-time WoW player. She maintains her own Pet Battle blog and is a Pet Battle columnist on the fansite Blizzard Watch.
Posted by Quintessence
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