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Coming Soon: Starcraft II - Legacy of the Void CE Pet

July 16, 2015
Archon pet
Blizzard recently announced that players can now pre-order the next Starcraft II expansion, Legacy of the Void. [source]

Purchasing the Collectors Edition or the Digital Deluxe will reward you with a Starcraft-themed pet in WoW, a mini-Archon (pictured right).

Legacy of the Void is scheduled to release towards the end of this year. The pet will likely be mailed to your character once we near the release date.

We'll have more information on this pet once it's on the PTR, so stay tuned!

Starcraft II Expansions Going Standalone
There's great news for those that may not be interested in Starcraft II but would like to collect the related pets — each expansion will now be purchasable (and playable) as standalone games.

"For players who haven’t yet played the first StarCraft II expansion, Heart of the Swarm, it just became a little easier to stage a zerg rush. Starting today, the original StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty is no longer required to play Heart of the Swarm—making this the perfect time to catch up on Kerrigan’s story and command a host of additional multiplayer units for all three factions."

Now that previous games are not required to buy any of the expansions, you can pick and choose which Starcraft II pet you'd like to collect. Collecting them all is an option too!

If you have yet to purchase any of the Starcraft II games, you can pre-order all three expansions in one bundle (Standard version and Digital Deluxe).

The Complete Collection costs less than the price of three Digital Deluxe expansions — it's a great sale and a quick way to collect all three Starcraft II pets.
Posted by Quintessence

Patch 6.2.1 PTR: Three New Pets

July 16, 2015
The 6.2.1 PTR is up and running, and there are three new manafiend pets. [source]

Empowered Manafiend, Empyreal Manafiend, Energized Manafiend
In the upcoming patch, three new rare elites can be found in Nagrand.

Travel to Highmaul and enter the non-instanced area to find three rare elite ogres, each of which has a chance to drop a different pet (pictured above).

List of all 6.2.1 PTR datamined pets

According to Blizzard Watch, the pets are personal loot and are not guaranteed to drop. All three manafiends are Bind On Use and can be caged.

Stay tuned to find out if Patch 6.2.1 will have even more pets to collect!
Posted by Quintessence

Pet Interactions: Cats Now Sit In Your Lap and Other Fun Interactions

July 20, 2015
If I Fits, I Sits
It was recently brought to our attention by a WarcraftPets user that the Savage Cub now performs a new and unique animation.

Savage Cub sitting in lap
If you target it and emote /sit, your pet will walk over to you and jump into your lap for a snuggle (pictured right).

After further testing, it was discovered that this new interaction works with nearly all of the feline pet models, including less conventional cats (listed below).

However one cat, the Feline Familiar, is finickier than the rest and does not respond to the emote. Perhaps she feels our laps are inferior to her flying broom!

It's speculated that the new animation for feline battle pets was implemented with the release of Patch 6.2. Regardless of when this change occurred, it's a wonderful and fun update to older cat models.

More Pet Interactions
Plump Turkey interacting with a campfire
Pet interactions were a part of the game long before Pet Battles became a feature.

From the Disgusting Oozeling providing a green-colored aura and debuff, to the Searing Scorchling setting fire to nearby critters, there are some pets that have entertaining animations.

Here are just a few other pets to play with.

  • Dread Hatchling - A heart appears over its head when the player summons the Raven Lord mount or Dread Raven mount.
  • Filthling - Spews liquid onto the player, applying a Filthy buff for 10 seconds which turns the player a brownish-green color.
  • Waving at Trunks
  • Jubling - Drinks from a Dark Iron Ale Mug.
  • Mojo - Turns you into a frog when you target it and emote /kiss.
  • Pengu and Mr. Chilly - Does a belly slide when you target it and spam the emote /sexy.
  • Plump Turkey - "Finds its destiny" when near a campfire. (pictured above right)
  • Trunks - Emoting /wave while targeting it will turn you temporarily translucent. (pictured right)

Pet Filter - See all pets with interactions

To view the full list of pets with interactions, check out our Pet Filter. Select "Has Interactivity" under Pet Properties and then Apply Filters.

It's always exciting to come across a brand new animation, especially if they're unexpected as in the case with feline battle pets. New or old — which pet do you enjoy interacting with the most?
Posted by Quintessence

Fel Pup — Pet of the Month: July 2015

July 23, 2015
Fel Pup - Pet of the Month: July 2015

Gul'dan's influence can be seen all over Tanaan Jungle. Fortunately, there are a few creatures that remain friendly despite the fel-corruption, including this month's feature — the Fel Pup!

Collecting the Fel Pup
Fel Pup
The Fel Pup is a reward from a quest that is triggered after killing a rare mob in Tanaan Jungle.

The rarespawn, Ceraxas, can be found at the Temple of Sha'naar in the south-western part of Tanaan.

She is not always around, however Ceraxas does seem to have a respawn time of roughly 45 minutes to an hour. Stick around long enough and you should see her. Alternatively, it's also possible to find Ceraxas using the custom group-finder to "server hop".

Once you defeat Ceraxas a small puppy will spawn in the area in which you found the rare. The pup will have the quest A Fel Puppy Of My Own. Accept and complete it and you've got yourself a loyal canine companion.

You can complete the quest only once per character, and you can have only one Fel Pup in your Pet Journal. Unfortunately this puppy is not cageable, meaning if you want one of your own, you'll need to make your way to Tanaan Jungle.

Battling with the Fel Pup
The Fel Pup is a cute little bundle of teeth and the blood of Mannoroth. Said like that, it sounds considerably less adorable, but in any case it has some unique moves that will make you sit up and take notice.

As with all pets with it, Howl is the flashiest move the Pup's got. It makes everything else shine. In this case, 'everything' is a unique mix of damaging abilities, each from different families.

The Fel Pup begins with the fairly obvious Beast move, Bite, but you could also swap this for Diseased Bite, an Undead move, if the situation calls for it.

It can also use that Howl to buff Fel Immolate, which makes for a sizable DPS increase due to the DOT being increased by Howl too.

Fel Pup using Crouch
The pup also has Crouch (pictured above), just in case you need a little bit of help with defense. You'd still also get to use that Howl, so the Pup remains a powerhouse on offense even if you need it to take a few hits on the chin.

The last ability in the Pup's moveset, Vengeance, is a very situational ability. It shares the slot with Howl, but it is extremely rare, bordering on impossible, that Vengeance can match Howl's throughput. I'm assuming that Gul'dan himself added that move, as he is all about trapping people into slightly evil options.

Check out our forum thread discussion on the Fel Pup and submit your own thoughts on this pet.

Battling Discussion on the Fel Pup

Pet of the Month is co-written by Liopleurodon, an experienced pet battler and long-time WoW player. She maintains her own Pet Battle blog and is a Pet Battle columnist on the fansite Blizzard Watch.
Posted by Quintessence

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