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World of Petcraft #21

June 04, 2012
Enjoy our monthly web comic created for WoW pet collectors! We feature a new World of Petcraft strip each and every month.

World of Petcraft #21

About the Artist
Meaghan McLaughlin is an aspiring artist and the author of "Nerds Illustrated." She's currently available to create custom artwork of your WoW characters for a modest fee.
Posted by Breanni
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MoP Beta: Pet Battles Music and New Achievement

June 05, 2012
Pet Battles Music
Pet Battles is turning out to be quite a sophisticated feature. Not only will it have its own unique UI and combat system, Blizzard is even adding pet battles music! [source]

Mathew McCurley from WoW Insider commented on the newly datamined musical pieces and how they seem to touch on the faction songs in the original Warcraft games.

Take a listen and you be the judge!

New Leveling Achievement
MMO-Champion also datamined a new pet leveling achievement, Newbie, which requires players to raise a pet to level 3. [source]

This achievement is not yet tied into the main achievement tier, but it would not be a surprise if it became part of the pet leveling progression.
Posted by Quintessence
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Sand Scarab Pre-Sale: Buy this All-New Pet Today!

June 06, 2012
Sand Scarb Pre-Sale
Once again, we're excited to partner with WoWTCGLoot to bring you another TCG pet loot pre-sale!

The Sand Scarab is the new Tomb of the Forgotten common loot featuring another first-time companion model: a beetle!

Why preorder through WarcraftPets?
In addition to being one of the first players on your server to be followed around by a beetle minipet, here are three more reasons to order now:

  1. Rare Pet Loot Prize - Everyone who orders the Sand Scarab will be entered into a random drawing to win a rare [Rocket Chicken].
  2. Orders Support WarcraftPets - What can be better than adding another easy-to-get pet to your collection? Helping your favorite pet collection website! A percentage of every pre-order helps support our site.
  3. Limited Supply - There are a limited supply of loot codes available for sale on a first-come, first-serve basis. Order now to secure your pet and your entry in the Rocket Chicken loot giveaway before supplies run out!

Get your code June 12th:
Pre-Order your Sand Scarab today!

The pre-sale will run through Monday, June 11, 2012. If you have any questions regarding the pre-sale or loot giveaway, please contact WoWTCGLoot.

Happy collecting, and best of luck in winning a Rocket Chicken!
Posted by Breanni
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MoP CE Pet and Terrible Turnip Preview

June 12, 2012
Terrible Turnip - is he really so terrible?
Collector's Edition Pet
A new beta build will be deployed shortly. Datamined from the latest patch are hints of what the MoP Collector's Edition pet will be — a Lucky Quilen Cub! [source]

The Quilen creature is a lion-like creature, as seen here, that can be found on the island of Pandaria.

In addition to a companion, a mount version of this intriguing creature was discovered as well. The Imperial Quilen is also labeled as a Collector's Edition item.

This is the first instance in which a CE mount was discovered along with a companion pet. It's not clear if players will receive both the pet and the mount after attaching a CE version of the expansion to their account, or if players will have to choose between one or the other.

The Terrible Turnip
Ever wondered what an unusually large turnip minipet would look like?

Well, look up top!

In addition, MMO-Champion has two more screenshots of what appear to be a turnip and a carrot; the former being appropriately named "turnippet"!
Posted by Quintessence
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Stats Preference Extends to Top 50 Lists

June 16, 2012
We've made a slight change to the way WarcraftPets members are displayed on our Top 50 lists. If you've been ranked in one of these lists, this change could affect your standing.

In the past, if you collected enough pets to place on both the Top 50 - Characters list and the Top 50 - Accounts, our system automatically placed you on the characters list. This was true even if your rank was higher on the accounts list.

The change we made gives YOU control over which list you'll appear on. The setting is tied to your community stats preference (which shows how many pets you've collected underneath your comments). You can change this setting on your account management page under "My Collection."

Stats Preference Extends to Top 50 Lists

You can change this setting to show pets collected for either your main character or all characters. If you opt for "main," you'll appear on the Top 50 - Characters list. Conversely, if you choose "all," you'll appear on the Top 50 - Accounts list.

Note that this setting has no bearing on where you rank on our realm lists.
Posted by Breanni
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MoP Beta: Achievement Updates

June 20, 2012
A new patch will be deployed on the beta servers in the near future. Here are some of the more notable updates and additions that we've found!

New Achievement
The Feral Vermling was originally discovered as the reward for completing the achievement Mater Pet Hunter, however a new achievement tier was added, Zen Pet Hunter (Capture 150 battle pets). This newest achievement will award the vermling companion instead. [source]

It's a (Better) Trap!
Two new rewards were also datamined for pet battle achievements. A Strong Trap will be the reward for Going to Need More Traps (Capture 50 battle pets), while a Pristine Trap will be the reward for Pro Pet Group (Raise 15 pets to level 25). [source]

Currently these rewards aren't showing up in either Wowhead or MMO-Champion's databases, so this might indicate spell changes rather than actual items. We will have to wait to find out what exactly these upgraded traps are.

Is Three The Magic Number?
According to the updated client strings (PET_BATTLE_TRAP_ERR_5), it appears as though players will only be allowed to have 3 of the same companion at the same time in their pet journal in MoP. [source]

If this is true, players who have 3 deer pets for example, would need to release or cage at least one to be able to capture another wild deer.

Hopefully Blizzard's official blog post (coming "soon") about Pet Battles will have more details on how this will work.
Posted by Quintessence
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MoP Beta Key Giveaway

June 26, 2012
UPDATE: We had a slight change in plans for our beta key drawing. We're now giving away 5 keys on Facebook today and Thursday; Twitter will be tomorrow and Friday. We apologize for the confusion.

Throughout this week, we'll be giving away MoP beta keys to 20 lucky WarcraftPets members!

MoP Beta Key Giveaway

Beginning tomorrow, we'll give away 5 beta keys courtesy of the good folks at Blizzard. We'll alternate the giveaway between Facebook and Twitter (Facebook on Tuesday and Thursday; Twitter on Wednesday and Friday).

To participate, simply check our feeds on the days noted above and post by 3:00 PM (EDT). We'll draw winners between 3:00 and 6:00 each day. Be sure to provide your WarcraftPets username.

If you are one of our lucky winners, we'll send your key via the email address bound to your WarcraftPets account. Our official email will include an actual beta key (not a beta invite) as well as your WarcraftPets username.

We will NOT include any links in our email, nor will we request any additional information (such your password).

CAUTION: If you receive anything other than what we described above, assume that it is malicious. As always, we urge you to exercise caution when you receive any email regarding WoW that includes external links.

Best of luck, everyone!
Posted by Breanni
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MoP Beta: New Leash and Achievement Updates

June 28, 2012
Hungry for more MoP beta pet-news? Here is the latest information from the upcoming beta build.

New Leash
Wowhead News discovered a new type of leash that players can add to their collection - Chain Pet Leash. [source]

So if you're ever tired of using the simple Rope Pet Leash or that Red Ribbon Pet Leash just doesn't seem to match your companion, you can always try out the Chain Pet Leash in MoP! Who says pets can't be fabulously fashionable too?

New Achievements and Rewards
Also datamined were a few new Pet Battles achievements and updated rewards for existing achievements. [source]

Newly Added:

  • A Rare Catch - Capture a rare quality battle pet.
  • An Uncommon Find - Capture a uncommon quality battle pet.
  • High Quality - Capture 10 rare quality battle pets.
  • Quality & Quanity - Capture 50 rare quality battle pets.

Updated Rewards:

Posted by Quintessence
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