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CE Pets Are Back!

December 07, 2007
Panda Cub
Dell has teamed up with Blizzard[source] to offer an exclusive promotion for a new World of Warcraft Edition gaming laptop. Buyers of this system will receive the ability to upgrade their existing account to 'Collector's Edition' status, allowing them access to the CE pets from both the original CE as well as the Burning Crusade CE:

  • Panda Cub - an adorable baby panda (pictured at right).
  • Mini Diablo - a tiny Diablo from Blizzard's Diablo universe.
  • Zergling - a pet zergling from Blizzard's Starcraft universe.
  • Netherwhelp - a precious baby nether dragon.

Finally, pet collectors have another way to collect these ultra-rare pets. So if your in the market for a new computer and you love small pets, put this one on the top of your holiday wish list!
Posted by Breanni
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Winter Veil Toy

December 10, 2007
Clockwork Rocket Bot
NEW PET! wishes you a Happy Winter Veil and we invite you to celebrate the holiday season with a neat new wind-up minipet! This irresistible gizmo is hiding in the new Winter Veil Present, which can be found under the Winter Veil tree in both Ironforge and Orgrimmar on and after December 25th.

Unwrap your Clockwork Rocket Bot this Winter Veil season!
Posted by Breanni
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User Accounts Are Here!

December 19, 2007
Set up your account today!
NEW FEATURE! finally invites you to create your own unique user account! Members will be able to track their collections online and rate site content. Additionally, users will be able to share their own comments for every pet (eventually).

Will my account be secure?
Yes. Users will only be able to activate and update their accounts through email verification.

But I don't want to give you my email address...
Sorry, Charlie. Activating your account requires a working email address. Please know that respects your privacy. I hate spammers as much as you do, trust me.wink

So what are you waiting for? Create your account today!
Posted by Breanni
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Pet Rating Roll-Back

December 19, 2007
A few visitors were abusing the old cookie-driven rating system. They manipulated their browser to bypass the one-vote-per-pet limit. The new account-driven system eliminates this problem. So going forward, I thought it was best to wipe the slate and start anew.

As of today, the Top 10 List is a little lacking. So give it some help! Simply create an account and vote for your favorites.
Posted by Breanni
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On Mechanical Minipets

December 28, 2007
Mechanical Minipets
Brian Karasek, also known as Palehoof, has written a wonderful guide dedicated to all of Warcraft's Mechanical Minipets for WoW Insider. This guide is a must-read for anyone who enjoys collecting the clockwork companions of WoW.

Animatronics: The manufacture, maintenance, and mastery of mechanical moppets
Posted by Breanni
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