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Contest Terms

By participating in any WarcraftPets contests, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

General Terms

  1. All WarcraftPets contests are void where prohibited by national and international law. The contestants assume the total responsibility of knowing that they reside in a state or territory that prohibits contests and are subject to any local, state or territorial laws. WarcraftPets accepts no responsibility for making these individual legal determinations.
  2. Contests are open to all regions and territories unless stated otherwise in the details of the contest and except where prohibited by national and international law, as stated directly above.
  3. Winners are either chosen at random or determined by the WarcraftPets staff (sometimes a combination of both depending on the contest). The selection process will be disclosed in advance in the details of the contest.
  4. Entries that are judged are chosen by the WarcraftPets staff with no discrimination or preferential treatment regarding gender, race, age, region, site ranking, or site standing.
  5. Winners will be announced in the WarcraftPets news section no later than one week following the closing of a contest. Winners will be informed via email and prizes will be released within two weeks of announcement.
  6. In the event that a winner is contacted via email but does not respond within 72 hours, that winner will forfeit his/her prize to the next runner up.
  7. WarcraftPets cannot be held responsibile for extenuating circumstances that may postpone or terminate any contest. In the unlikely event that a contest is postponed or terminated, information will be posted in the WarcraftPets news section.
  8. All WarcraftPets admins, volunteers, and site affiliates are not eligible to participate in any WarcraftPets contest.

Contest Submissions

If a contest involves submitting created materials (digital or actual), the following terms and conditions apply:

  1. Submissions must be completed accurately, adhering to the technical and contextual guidelines outlined by the details of the contest. Any submissions that do not adhere to contest guidelines will be disqualified.
  2. Submissions featuring inappropriate material or adult themes will not be accepted. The WarcraftPets staff reserves all right to refuse any submissions that they define as unacceptable.
  3. All submitted materials become the sole intellectual property of Brian Brolin, owner and operator of WarcraftPets, and may freely be used and distributed by said owner for any purpose.
  4. If a submission involves the use of original WarcraftPets graphics and artwork, said graphics and artwork remain copyright ©2020 Brian Brolin and may be used by contestants SOLELY for the purposes of creating contest material.

Last update: February 5, 2013

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