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Suggest a Pet (Favorites)

Contestants of our Suggest a Pet contest were asked to submit a suggestion for an all-new WoW vanity pet. We received over 1,500 amazing ideas. Check out some of our favorites (in no particular order) below!

FYI: Many ideas were very similar. For example, we had at least 20 ideas for a "Mini Me" clone of your character and more than 30 for a baby giraffe. In such cases, we listed only one of each here. We even combined a few together.

Name: Spike

Description: A hedgehog.

Animation: Rolls up into a spikey ball when still for a while... and occasionally huffs and pops to appear threatening.

Name: Mystic Unicorn

Description: A beautiful white unicorn. Some believe they don't exist but this is rare catch.

Animation: Rears up, resurrects dead critters (a ball of light appears on the end of its horn and the critter regains its' life) charges at any other dragon pets other players have out.

Name: Bone Mage

Description: This is a skeletal mage pet. There would be 3 versions, chosen at random when he spawns (similar to the Sen'jin Fetish): Ice, Fire or Poison. The mage's hands would glow with his spell color.

Animation: There are 2 idle animations. The first is when a critter is nearby, the mage will shoot it with his spell school. If there are no critters, then the mage will crumble into a pile of bones until the player gets too far away, at which point he stands back up and runs to the player.

Name: Rolly

Description: An armadillo baby that follows you around by rolling itself into a ball when you're moving.

Animation: Its idle animation would be him turning into a ball - rolling around you and then suddenly stop, sit down being all dizzy (maybe with the rogue sap over-head animation), to fall on his back and roll over to stand on his feet again.

Name: Baby Yoggy

Description: A baby Yogg Saron.

Animation: As it idles would flail about, a little bit like Willy does, but it should wiggle its' tentacles every now and then. It would also have an emote, something like, "Baby Yoggy attempts to enter your mind and falls asleep doing so." When it falls asleep, it flops down and the little zzz's appear above its' head.

Name: Chameleon

Description: Panther Morph Chameleon – continually morphs through various insanely vibrant color combinations.

Animation: Pulls flying bugs out of the air with extremely long tongue.

Name: Lil' Illy

Description: A chibi-fied version of everyone's favorite Betrayer, Illidan Stormrage.

Animation: Lil' Illy would leap high up into the air and hover around his owner's head for a bit before landing again, stretching his wings, and a LOTR Gollem animation-esc animation where he crouches down low, pulls out his skull of Guldan and starts caressing it.

Name: Slimey

Description: A large snail.

Animation: Crawls around leaving a slime trail, when idle, looks around wiggling his antenna, a butterfly brushes one and the antenna shrink and he pulls back into shell.

Name: Skitters the Hamster

Description: A small tan and white hamster in a clear hamster ball. He would have black eyes and a little hamster tail.

Animation: When he is idle, he would run circles around you in his little ball and dash off in wavy paths. He would sit and clean himself or squeak, Sometimes he will run into something, and the door to the ball would fall off and he would come staggering out to collapse on the ground.

Name: Broken shard of Sulfuros

Description: Summons a miniature version of Ragnaros. When summed, he will shout "Too Soon!" and shoot a little fireball at you.

Animation: One would be that he will randomly submerge, leaving a small lava pool behind. Another would be a modified version of his death animation, where he would explode and drop his hammer on the ground.

Name: Poultryghiest

Description: The ghost of a chicken, who likes to cause trouble. It would look kinda like the spectral tiger and cub, except a chicken.

Animation: The Poultryghiest disappears, and in it's place is a little tiny chair, lamp, and table, that floats and spins around, causing lots of noise.

Name: Baby Giraffe

Description: A giraffe a little taller than a gnome, similar in looks to the Barrens Giraffe.

Animation: Idle animations would include it reaching up and eating leaves(so you see its blue tounge), stretching his neck and lieng down and curing up.

Name: Brood of Ducklings

Description: This pet would actually be a "group" pet. Meaning, it's one companion pet, however it would consist of three baby ducklings. Each duckling would follow after you, in a row. They could all be the same color or each be a different color. Personally, I'd like one to be black, one yellow, and one white. They would trail after you, as if you were their mother. And, since ducks and imprinting go hand in hand, this just seems really fitting. They would waddle when they walked. And, they would all make tiny quack vocalizations on-click.

Animation: I think that like a lot of other companion pets, there could be a few regular short-term idle animations, as well as a really unique long-term idle animation. The short-term ones could consist of subtle and small animations, such as the ducks tilting their heads into their feathers to scratch their sides. Or, ruffling their feathers, and shaking their heads a bit, like ducks tend to do. Or, walking around their owner in a little circle train, from time to time.

Name: Lil' Reaver

Description: A miniature version of the Fel Reavers that roam around Hellfire Peninsula.

Animation: Occasionally makes the same noise the normal Fel Reavers do as well as attacks any critter that crosses it's path.

Name: Enchanted Spellbook

Description: It would be a floating, animated spell book that opened in half and would follow your WoW toon by 'flapping'/flying after it. The cover of the book could vary by the class of character that owned it. e.g. Rogues who owned this pet may have a spell book specific to poisons and be green in colour, possibly leaking green fluids if you wanted to get fancy XD (this would come into play for the idle animation too).

Animation: Should your book become idle for a long enough period of time, it would open, summoning a quill and begin to write notes in itself. As mentioned before, class specifics could also come into play here. Another example, for Mages this time, would be that the book could cast Arcane Intellect on itself.

Name: Lil' Hakkar

Description: It's the baby version of our beloved Hakkar the Soulflayer.

Animation: Flys around like his big brother. Every now and then he kills critters around him with Blood Siphon.

Name: Pocket Gnome

Description: A cute gnome with big blue eyes and pink (f) or green (m) hair that wears a Netherwind set.

Animation: The Pocket Gnome does everything to make its boss feel comfortable. For example, it polishes your armor, feeds your pet, conjures snacks, and of course, casts portals.

Name: Mini-Me

Description: As the name suggest, the pet is a miniaturized (Argent Squire size) version of the character owning it - including the current gear and weapons the character wears, so the appearance of the pet will change every time the owner wears different armor or changes hair color, for example. Yay for variety!

Animation: The pet walks around its owner looking them up and down critically, then shakes head and makes a disapproving sound.

Name: Happy Roo

Description: This Kangaroo is not only happy to see you, but her baby joey is too! She's brown and has a little pocket on the front where the joey will pop his head out once and a while.

Animation: Animation would be her jumping around, scratch her ear, nibble her shoulder, and sometimes the joey will pop its head out of the pouch and a little heart will come up to show how much he loves his mommy.

Name: Mr. Puffy

Description: A blue blowfish, who would roll and/or flop around after the character, with wet sploshy sounds and water droplets flying from him as he flops about.

Animation: He would start sucking in air to puff himself up, only to start floating upwards! Once he gets to a certain height (Tauren eye level perhaps?) he panics, turns red (perhaps with a little red exclamation mark appearing above his head to show his distress), and lets the air out, deflating, and falling back to earth, with a splat (but no worse for wear) and returning to his normal colour. A wheezy noise would be audible when he lets the air out, or perhaps a noise resembling air escaping from a balloon.

Name: Slurpy the Sloth

Description: This cute little sloth baby will follow you wherever you go. It's fur is a nice warm ocher, and you can just make out the tiny green algae who live along the sloth's spine. Friendly black eyes that blink sleepily to you.

Animation: The pet occationally will stick out it's tongue and lick it's owner, with a following shiver from said owner.

Name: Gingerbread Man

Description: I've always thought about maybe getting a possible pet through the cooking dailies from the bag of spices, or another Winter Veil type pet. He would be about as tall as the snowman pet or Tiny Reindeer, and have gumdrop buttons and frosting eyes.

Animation: When idle he would dance around or take off his gumdrop buttons and juggle them.

Name: Naaru Shardling

Description: A randomly colored upon summoned miniture naaru that flies behind the character.

Animation: It spins around quickly making a chiming sound.

Name: Slinky

Description: I'd love a wearable pet! For instance, Slinky is a dragon familiar and would take my shoulder slot. He would be comfortably coiled around the neck, resting upon my shoulders.

Animation: Slinky's tail could drape down brush across the chest. His normally upright and very bright eyed head would occasionally rest, appearing to be napping. A rare burst of flames would be perfection!

Name: Tusky

Description: A small Tuskarr with an Kalu'ak fishing pole.

Animation: When away from water he will occasionally emote "Tusky cannot cast here.", When near water he will emote "Tusky casts into the water." He will either catch no fish and sigh or rarely a mini-lurker will pop out and knock him down with a water jet.

Name: Zhevra Colt

Description: All knobby knees and wobbly legs, the Zhevra Colt is everything cute should be! Big, gleaming eyes and they smallest stub of a horn on its forehead.

Animation: He could try to rear up and whinny, but being so unsure on his legs, would fall on his bum.

Name: Warpy

Description: This would be a baby version of the purple and white Warp Stalker, complete with slightly larger head and puppy dog blue eyes that would melt even the toughest soul. It will lumber along behind you as quickly as its stumpy legs will allow.

Animation: When idle, Warpy will sniff around occasionally, alternating between searching the ground and testing the air around him. If he gets distracted and finds himself lagging behind, he will warp to his master's side, leaving a puff of smoke where he once was.

Name: Stampy

Description: A baby rhino. I would think with a smaller body, big head, and little horns that are far too big for his head.

Animation: A cute idle animation would be for him to randomly run in circles building up a cloud of dirt, when the dirt fades he would be laying down exhausted from all his work.

Name: Anton (the anteater)

Description: An anteater with a long bushy tail, big nose, glances around swishing tail and twirling long tongue in the air.

Animation: His idle animation is occasionally sniffing the air, scrabbling around in the earth and sucking up lots of tasty litle ants.

Name: Sly Fox

Description: A red fox with black feet and black ears and glowing green eyes.

Animation: Yawns and goes into stealth. Will also stealth whenever its owner goes into stealth. Will sometimes pounce near by critters from stealth.

Name: Pandora's Box

Description: A relatively small box, a bit smaller than a typical chest. The box is covered in ancient runes and symbols. Attached to the box with a chain (and carrying it!) is an imp, tasked for all eternity with its keeping. When the player who summons it moves around, the imp follows, lugging the box around on its back, hunched over.

Animation: After a minute or so of being idle, the imp grumbles angrily to itself, and puts the box down, stretching its back and eventually falling asleep against it. After a few more minutes of idling, the box creaks open, and otherworldly screams are heard, waking the imp who promptly jumps on top of the box, shutting the lid before anything terrible escapes.

Name: The Westfall Town Musicians

Description: A rooster, cat, donkey, and dog that follows the character in a straight line.

Animation: When idle, the group bring out instruments and play a little ditty.

Name: Decaying Ghouling

Description: A miniature ghoul such as the one that death knights can summon, though much smaller. The ghoul should have glowing red eyes and should make random ghoul noises when clicked.

Animation: Feasting on the corpse of anything you kill for a couple seconds randomly and seeking and killing random critters then feasting upon their corpse.

Name: Sporeling Sproutling

Description: A colorful young sporeling from Sporeggar.

Animation: Plants a seed that grows into a giant mushroom that explodes, anyone nearby caught in it gets a debuff that shrinks them for a minute.

Name: Pet Rock

Description: Pet Rock is a large simple grey rock. When summoned, it appears on the ground near you. When called, it will not come. When you move away, it will remain in the same place until you get too far away and it disappears. Changes colors between summons, may appear as 'cool grey', 'warm grey' or 'french grey'.

Animation: Animation? It's a rock! Occasionally a cockroach crawl out from under it and sits on it for a moment before flying away.

Name: Lonely Tree

Description: Like the Snowman from Winter Veil, this pet doesn't follow you around. When summoned it looks like a miniature Winter's Veil Tree like in the capital cities, however it has no lights. It is just a green tree sitting there with the short idle animation of shifting slightly in a breeze.

Animation: After being summoned and sitting there for a few moments, a small white wisp will spawn and attempt to "jump" to the top of the tree twice. It will fall short both times. Then the tree will lean over and the tip of the tree will touch the wisp which will adhere to the top of the tree. The tree will straighten up and the wisp will glow and the tree will become covered with lights and decorations before fading away after a minute.

Name: Lucky the Lady Bug

Description: A mini pet about the size of a cockroach that is red all over with black spots. Like the Disgusting Ozzling, you would get a buff, only hers would say: You feel Lucky today.

Animation: This pet would toggle between walking and flying and every so often she would fly up and do a loop de loop.

Name: Baby Pegasus

Description: A white baby pegasus with purple wings. It leaves a rainbow trail where it flys and makes a soft whinny when clicked.

Animation: When idle,flys up and makes two loops,then promptly returns to owner.

Name: Bandit

Description: A little raccoon wearing a ninja mask.

Animation: Investigates surroundings, occasionally pulls out a piece of trash to munch on. Another idea involved a trash can appearing out of nowhere and Bandit hops inside, but gets trapped and the trash can shakes for a few seconds as he tries to escape.

Name: Patches (Baby Stitches)

Description: An adorable abomination created by Abercrombie the Embalmer. He was made to keep Papa Stitches company as he rampages Duskwood. He has enormous buggy eyes, a round sewed-up belly, and a toy meat cleaver used to help Papa destroy the city.

Animation: He will occasionally throw a tantrum, waving his meat cleaver and stomping around the pet owner. This culminates in Baby Stitches exploding and spilling his green guts all over the place. And when he sees another abomination, he starts running towards it, thinking it's his long lost papa.

Name: Teddy

Description: A teddy bear pet created by Leatherworkers. Since Engineers can make pets, why not other trades? Possibly created using a hide or two, some thread, and wool cloth for stuffing.

Animation: Sits down and puts bits of stuffing back into itself, then stitches itself up.

Name: Little Succubus

Description: A child version of the succubus demon, perfect as a Warlock companion. Small horns, little wings, and a child's body make this one little cutie-pie.

Animation: Similar to the Succubus animations, she swings a whip, but accidentally hits herself. She also tries the hip slap, but says ouch and starts to cry.

Name: Star Nosed Mole

Description: Based on a real animal. It's fairly small with dark brownish black fur, large feet and a twitchy pink nose that looks like a tentacled star. (It's cuter than it sounds!)

Animation: As you run along, the mole would burrow along behind you, raising those tunnels that moles are famous for. When you stop, it digs its way to the surface and blinks in the light. When idling, it pops up out of the hole, does a flip and slides back down the tunnel head first.

Name: Mini-Hog (horde version) / Mini-Chopper (alliance version)

Description: A miniature version of the motorcycle mount.

Animation: It makes a higher pitched "cuter" version of the mount's engine noise. There is no driver but it does have a sidecar. If it gets close to another vanity pet, they will jump in the side car and it will zoom around, giving them a ride for a few moments.

Name: Baby seal

Description: A baby seal (the white, fluffy cute kind with big black eyes). It can bark when clicked.

Animation: When idle, Clubby will perform tricks. He can balance on one flipper, stand up and clap, and balance a ball on his nose.

Name: Kobold's Toy

Description: A floating candle pet.

Animation: The idle animation would be for it to bob up and down, or spin around, and on rare occasions, a kobald will run up and snatch it and run away again, shouting "You no take candle!"

Name: Fernand (the Platypus)

Description: A small, cuddly platypus with a tiny, adorable black bill on it's face, silky smooth and brown fur on it, little webbed and clawed feet and of course that wiggly little beaver-tail.

Animation: Wagging and slapping it's tail against the ground few times, peer around and quack and/or clack with his bill few times.

Name: Land Shark

Description: An homage to the Original Saturday Night Live cast, this would be a small shark that would "walk" on its tail fin.

Animation: Occasionally offers a box off chocolates (saying "Candy Gram") to nearby critters and when they approach, he eats them.

Name: Tiny Arcane Construct

Description: Trayanise finally got sick of chasing him around and trapped him up and mailed him off to Breanni to deal with. Oh what will Breanni do with a tiny blue arcane construct! Following the in-game model of the Tiny Arcane Construct found in Silvermoon City, he would be blue and purple and super cute.

Animation: When idle, every so often he would zap the player for some energy, and then run all over the place!

Name: Rocky

Description: A tiny earth elemental.

Animation: Rocky clutches his stomach, looks around confused, starts shaking, and then explodes! (the "earth elemental dies" animation). But after that, he puts himself back together (just a reversed animation, it would be cool if he could "build" himself back one piece at a time).

Name: Bessie

Description: Miniature dairy cow, white with black splotches and a cowbell.

Animation: When idle, Bessie will make a distressed "MOOOO!" sound and fall over on her side motionless, as if she's been "tipped."

Name: Marley

Description: Marley is a black puli pup who loves going on adventures with his owner. This dreadlocked pooch looks like an animated mop while running, and a pile of yarn when laying down.

Animation: He sits or lies down, and rarely stands on his hind legs. If someone happens to have out an Elwynn Lamb, he will chase it.

Name: Lil-XT

Description: Mini Version of XT from Ulduar.

Animation: Have him do the work-outs that the boss XT-002 does and after he'll say "Ah, so tired. I'll rest for just a moment," and fall asleep. When you move he'll wake up and say "I'm ready to play!"

Name: Rusty

Description: Rust-colored Mechagnome.

Animation: Randomly works on a mechanical item, causing sparks to fly, which would ignite any critters around him.

Name: Darkheart the Instigator

Description: A Two Headed baby ogre.

Animation: Would argue between the heads, fight over a baby bottle, and randomly cast an AoE mind control that would make all surrounding vanity pets form a circle around him.

Name: Douglas Fir

Description: A decorated Winter Veil tree.

Animation: Flips lights on and off and whistles a Christmas tune while swaying.

Name: Pterrordax Hatchling

Description: A mossy green and orange baby Pterrordax. It is capable of following players on flying mounts. It will glide periodically as well when following a moving player.

Animation: It flaps its wings to stay in flight when its owner is standing still and occasionally does a loop-de-loop in the air.

Name: Rose of Eternal Devotion

Description: A beautiful rose (think lashling but more romantic) that blooms in different colors (red, white, pink, etc)

Animation: The idle animation causes the roses to bloom and then gently close. When a rose blooms another player can pick it (and give it to someone or keep) which goes into their inventory. In 7 days it blooms into their very own rose pet.

Name: Brittle Boneheap

Description: In appearance, it's a small Kodo skeleton (similar to those bones found in the Kodo Graveyard). It's summon animation shows it popping up from the ground.

Animation: Begins to stomp vigorously, shaking it's body apart until it's just a pile on the ground. After a few seconds, the bones will fly back together and the Brittle Boneheap will shake it's head. Will occasionally roar and a puff of dust will fly from it's mouth.

Name: Inky

Description: A red baby octopus.

Animation: It would of course squirt ink, maybe blow bubbles, and fall asleep from time to time.

Name: Conscience

Description: Randomly summons either a mini devil or angel that would fly around shoulder height.

Animation: When idle it will whisper in the character's ear. If you emote /no to it, it will land and throw a child-like tantrum.

Name: Little Fairy

Description: A female flying pixie or sprite, kind of like Tinker Bell.

Animation: She'd sometimes fly around doing little enchants on other players or the pet owner, by sprinkling fairy dust or using a wand. However, the enchantment would misfire and enchant the pet instead, turning her into several random forms.

Name: Goldie the Goldfish

Description: Goldie is a small red (or yellow) goldfish in a fishbowl.

Animation: When it walks with you it will slash water as it jumps side to side (the way a fishbowl would walk) randomly it will jump up into the air and back in the water. Clicking on it makes a splashing sound.

Name: Zulian Tiger Cub

Description: This pet uses the same base model as the Spectral Tiger Cub and the same color scheme as the Swift Zulian Tiger mount. It purrs, meows, roars, and growls on click.

Animation: Bats at flies while purring, cleans itself with licking noise, and as the rarest animation, the cub hunts down other critters and places the corpse at the owner's feet.

Name: Purky

Description: A light Purple Baby murloc mage dressed in a robe carrying a staff.

Animation: Plays with staff. Perodically Casts Iceblock on itself freezing himself in a surprised fashion.

Name: Ferris

Description: Ferris is a Ferret with its fur featuring rings of dark color.

Animation: When the character and pet are idle, Ferris will run up to the character crawling around on him in search of adventure and food causing the character to do a little dance trying to get the rascally critter off of him.

Name: Little Red Wagon

Description: This would be an addition to the squire, (like the pony), however this upgrade would provide the character with an additional x-slot bag to carry/store items. The squire could pull the wagon himself or it could be pulled by his pony. It would look like the squire was 'carting' the character's gear/bags/prizes.

Animation: In addition to being pulled, the wagon's bed could contain various contents that are animated. For example, a teddy bear riding in the wagon could wave, dance, or sleep.

Name: Apprentice Druid

Description: A small furbolg druid.

Animation: Will randomly shapeshift into various druid forms (little cheetah, treant sapling, cuddly bear, house cat, baby seal, baby moonkin). If its owner is a druid, its shapeshifting will not be random. Instead it will coincide with the owner's shapeshifting choices.

Name: Shoveltuskling (Shoveltusk Calf)

Description: With large watery innocent eyes, small toothy tusks, and super short legs, this baby shoveltusk happy follows adventures around Azeroth and beyond!

Animation: The shoveltusk calf will sometimes target a critter (or another shoveltusk calf) and charge at them... only to trip and plop on it's stomach before hitting, becoming dazed before it picks itself back up.

Name: Venus

Description: A Venus Fly Trap (a carnivorous plant) like the one in Little Shop of Horrors.

Animation: For its idle animation it could grab and consume other non-combat pets of the animal variety.

Name: Pattie O'gold

Description: Pattie O'gold is a leper-gnome version of a leprechaun. He is dressed in the traditional full green leprechaun attire, with the hat and buckle included. That being said, he still is a leper gnome, so he is not exactly a site to behold, though he is more energetic then the typical leper-gnome (aka not zombie-esque).

Animation: Pattie removes his green top hat and turns it upside down. He whisks it inside his coat and when he pulls it out it magically contains a heap of gold. He performs a few tricks with his gold filled hat (aka juggles, around the back move) before whisking it back into his coat; this time producting an empty hat which he places back on his leperous head.

Name: Racing Snail

Description: Small snail with a tan body and a white/yellow spiral shell.

Animation: Looks around a moment before popping into its shell. Occasionally takes off at high speed leaving a dust trail.

Name: Dusty tumbleweed

Description: It would be a generic tumbleweed from all those old west movies.

Animation: If there are few people or NPCs around, it has a chance to slowly roll away.

Name: Talbuk Colt

Description: A tiny talbuk baby companion pet. Looks like adult talbuk but with over sized horns and cute eyes. Stumbles after running for a while, has "first day on new legs" clumsy qualities.

Animation: Shakes its head back and forth and whips its tail, but gets off balance and stumbles a bit, giving out a small high pitched 'nay'. Also 'nays' when clicked.

Name: Voodoo Doll

Description: A small, tan rag doll, that looks like its made from cloth (and possibly some crazy hair). The Horde side doll would have an alliance symbol on the chest, and vice versa for the Alliance. The doll would run along side you, and when you are inactive for a minute or so it would sit.

Animation: It's passive emote would be putting it hands up to its mouth and looking around (as if scared). Its non-passive e-mote would be if someone would /poke it, it would keel over and die (button eyes would turn into X's).

Name: Miss C'thun

Description: A girly version of everyone's favourite old god. A big floating eyeball but with a pink ribbon tied over it's top and a curly eyelash.

Animation: It blinks every now and then and sometimes flutters it's eyelash to people around it, whispering sweet flirts directly into their minds. If it meets a Willy pet, they'll fall in love and stare at each other dreamily.

Name: Nibbles

Description: A small Palomino pony.

Animation: Nibbles gallops around and occasionally approaches the player and nibbles playfully on their clothing.

Name: A Clockwork Orange

Description: The gnomish egineers ran out of amusing prank ideas until this baby came along. This is a very ordinary looking orange except for a wind up key sticking out of the top of it.

Animation: The clockwork orange will randomly spin in circles...bouncing up and down...or try to lure critters to it's master.

Name: Little Glow Worm

Description: Tiny yellow-glowing worm (same model as a maggot or devouring maggot).

Animation: Its "glow" will occasionally flicker and go out causing the glow worm to wiggle around in a circle until it's glow flickers back on.

Name: Lenny and Bob

Description: A small two headed ogre warlock.

Animation: Lenny and Bob talk to themselves at times. Lenny is a bit on the skiddish side, and hates critters. When he sees a critter he will yell out. Bob will help Lenny by casting Hellfire, to which Lenny complains about the fire ("it burns" or "we not supposed to stand in fire"). Sometimes the critter will be killed with the hellfire effect, and othertimes Bob will go to far and kill them both off.

Name: Spectral Raven

Description: A ghostly black bird that phases in and out.

Animation: Unlike other pets, this pet sits on your shoulder rather than following in behind you. Rarely it will switch shoulders and /say "Nevermore".

Name: Webster

Description: A Baby Nerubian Azjol-anak Webspinner, spider-like creature with an up right torso, large head with large spider eyes, two arms on the torso and eight legs on the ground.

Animation: After you become Idle, Webster shoots out a web capturing level 1 critter's and then goes over a either cocoon it or eats it. If no critter's are available Webster would spin a little web and sit on it until you become active again.

Name: Bubbles

Description: A transparent bubble with a tiny mermaid inside, which follows the player (similar to the "Spirit of Summer" pet, but bigger).

Animation: Mermaid idles about, brushes her hair, and ocassionally blows bubbles.

Name: Morphling

Description: A purple floating ball of Goo, but you wouldnt see it in this form very often.

Animation: The pet morphs into other pets, like rats, birds, snakes, cats randomly. You only see the pet in its actual state maybe 20% of the time. Each time it morphs it sorta of "pops" or explodes into the new form.

Name: Silverblade

Description: A small but accurate sword with an ebony hilt and a shiny blade. The point is sharpen enough to blink at times with a little spark.

Animation: Occasionaly, Silverblade starts to whirl arount its owner, creating a visual effect of threatening barrier that protect its master (similar at the animation of skills like Retaliation for a Warrior, or Bone Shield for a Death Knight). At times, the spin works; at times, it ends prematurely and Silverblade falls vertically and lands point side down into the ground.

Name: Rezz (Mini Spirit Healer)

Description: A mini version of the spirit healer, maybe something a little more cartoony and chibi like.

Animation: When she comes into range of a body, she would try to res them but fail in a puff of smoke.

Name: Death

Description: A tiny grim reaper skeleton in black hooded cloak with a scythe.

Animation: Pulls out a tiny hour/sand glass, looks at it, shakes it and taps his foot impatiently.

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