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About Us

WarcraftPets is a World of Warcraft fansite for players who enjoy collecting a variety of the game's "companion" pets. It's the first site of it's kind, enabling WoW players to track and share their virtual collections online.

The site launched in April 2007, hosted by a curious little gnome named Breanni. Breanni is actually a real character played by Brian Brolin, the site's creator.

Today, WarcraftPets features a number of tools and guides to help collectors get the most out of pet collecting and battling. Additionally, the site is home to more than 95,000 members who have collected a combined total of nearly 40 million pets.

Meet the Team

BreanniSite Admin


Real Name: Brian
Role: Founder / Site Director

Brian (better known to the WoW community as Breanni) is the founder of, as well as the director of the site. Just like his gnomish counterpart, Brian is always tinkering with something.

Over the years, Brian's creativity has sparked comic strips, short films, board games, musical compositions, and other websites. Note that many of those sites deal with boring topics, such as bariatric surgery and chemical standards— neither of which is as fun as collecting pets (...or so we've been told). More »

  • Pet Collection: 311/1747 pets collected.
  • Favorite pet: Any that doesn't force a redesign of the WarcraftPets database.
  • Life lesson: Boiling beef is not a very good way to cook gound beef.

QuintessenceSite Admin


Real Name: Amanda
Role: Sr. Content Manager

Amanda was drawn to WoW when she saw her boyfriend playing the game in 2005. Over time she came to love the game, especially after discovering the joy of pet collecting.

Outside of pet collecting, Amanda also delights in gathering ore and herbs, leveling professions, and collecting miscellaneous objects such as flower off-hands. When not filling her inventory and bank with junk, she can be found raiding with her "casually-hardcore" end game progression guild.

Unlike her character, Amanda only has one "non-combat pet" in real life: a cat named Sally.

  • Pet Collection: 1724/1727 pets collected.
  • Favorite in-game noise: The sound of smelting and skinning.
  • Oddest place to be bitten by a bug: On the eyelid... twice.

LiopleurodonSite Admin


Real Name: Anna
Role: Content Creator

You don't have to ask Anna when she started playing WoW, because she'll tell you! Vanilla. It was Vanilla. She enjoyed raiding for many years, but after she had her first baby, she took a more casual approach... until she found pet battles. She started her pet blog, Battle Pet Roundup, shortly thereafter.

Now she has a preschooler, a baby, and a few hundred battle pets. She also writes for Blizzard Watch. In her free time, she sleeps.

  • Pet Collection: 651/1724 pets collected.
  • First video game played: Burger Time.
  • Favorite dinosaur: Spinosaurus.

WeenaSite Admin


Real Name: James
Role: Lead Web Developer

James started playing WoW in 2008 when a few coworkers decided to reactivate their WoW accounts. Having not played an online game before, James joined them for a 10 day free trial and hasn't looked back since.

When companion pets became learnable a few months after he started, James began to collect as many as he could. But shortly after buying a TCG pet from eBay, he switched his main and was forced to start his collection all over again—a task made easier and more enjoyable with this website.

In real life he has three cats, as well as a dog that he would consider swapping for a real-life (and probably better behaved) Murloc.

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