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Weighted Companion Cube

Pets by Family Mechanical Miscellaneous Weighted Companion Cube
Weighted Companion Cube
Weighted Companion Cube
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1,337 votes
Weighted Companion Cube
Neutral Neutral
Will incinerate when nearby any type of forge or fire.
Enrichment Center training required.
3 allowed
Patch | Posted: April 1, 2009
This pet provides homage to Valve Corporation's highly acclaimed 2007 game Portal. Within one of the later levels (test chambers), the player is given a Weighted Companion Cube to complete the level's objectives. GLaDOS, the AI guide, expresses how important it is that the player take good care of the cube. But at the end of the test chamber, GLaDOS forces the player to "euthanize" the cube by tossing it into an Aperture Science emergency intelligence incinerator.

Details about how to obtain this pet may be found in the Companion Cube FAQ.

Gray cube with heart on all sides; derived from Portal game universe.
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