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3 Round Cooldown

100% Hit Chance 


Restores 433 health and increases your damage dealt by 25% for 2 rounds.


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Used By:
Albino Duskwatcher [Albino Duskwatcher]

Vendor: Captain Klarisa

Zone: Tiragarde Sound

Cost: 200Seafarer's Dubloon (unlimited supply)


Vendor: Captain Zen'taga

Zone: Zuldazar

Cost: 200Seafarer's Dubloon (unlimited supply)

Corlain Falcon [Pristine Falcon Feather]

Vendor: Quartermaster Alcorn

Zone: Drustvar

Faction: Order of Embers - Revered

Cost: 200Polished Pet Charm (unlimited supply)

Fledgling Kingfeather

Pet Battle: [25] Azsuna

Fledgling Oliveback

Pet Battle: [25] Azsuna

Golden Eaglet

Pet Battle: [25] Stormheim

Heartseeker Moth [Heartseeker Moth]

World Event: Love is in the Air

Vendor: Lovely Merchant

Cost: 40Love Token (unlimited supply)

Honey Bee

Pet Battle: [25] Stormsong Valley


Pet Battle: [25] Zaralek Cavern

Lost Featherling [Lost Featherling]

Drop: Assuming Scholar [60+], Ardent Warrior [60+]

Zone: Bastion

Covenant: Kyrian

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Papi [Papi]

Drop: Fresh Jelly Deposit

Zone: Stormsong Valley [35-50]

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Pearlwing Heron [Pearlwing Heron]

Sanctum Feature: The Ember Court (tier 3)

Zone: Revendreth

Covenant: Venthyr

Drop: Tribute Chest

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown


Sanctum Feature: Queen's Conservatory (tier 2)

Zone: Ardenweald

Covenant: Night Fae

Drop: Queen's Conservatory Cache (Untamed Spirit)

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown


Sanctum Feature: Path of Ascension (tier 1)

Zone: Bastion

Covenant: Kyrian

Vendor: Zeleskos

Cost: 250Polished Pet Charm (unlimited supply)

Requires Achievement: The Hoot of the Issue


Sanctum Feature: Abomination Factory (tier 1)

Zone: Maldraxxus

Covenant: Necrolord

Vendor: Atticus

Faction: Stitchmasters - Honored

Cost: 1000Reservoir Anima (unlimited supply)

Poro [Poro]

Scenario: Island Expeditions

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Pygmy Owl [Pygmy Owl]

Drop: Gorebeak [10-45]

Zone: Val'sharah

Drop Rate: 1 in 1

Ragepeep [Angry Egg]

Drop: Ragebeak [50+]

Zone: Arathi Highlands Warfront

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Ruffle [Ruffle]

Vendor: Adjutant Galos

Zone: Bastion

Covenant: Kyrian (Renown 27)

Cost: 1500Reservoir Anima 30Grateful Offering (unlimited supply)

Rustbolt Clucker

Pet Battle: [25] Mechagon

Slyvy [Slyvy]

Vendor: Trading Post

Zone: Orgrimmar (H), Stormwind (A)

Cost: 650Trader's Tender (unlimited supply)

Steward Featherling [Steward Featherling]

Vendor: Zeleskos

Zone: Bastion

Covenant: Kyrian

Sanctum Feature: Path of Ascension (tier 2)

Cost: 250Polished Pet Charm (unlimited supply)

Requires Achievement: Inside the Park Home Run

Teardrop Moth [Teardrop Moth]

Drop: Underlight Queen [??+]

Zone: Zaralek Cavern

Approximate Drop Rate: ¬†Unknown

Tranquil Wader

Pet Battle: [25] Ardenweald

Wader Chick

Pet Battle: [25] Bastion

Windfeather Chick [Windfeather Quill]

Vendor: Zhang Ku

Zone: Vale of Eternal Blossoms

Faction: Rajani - Exalted

Cost: 300Polished Pet Charm (unlimited supply)

1-25 of 25
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