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Teldrassil Sproutling

Pets by Family Elemental Plant Life Teldrassil Sproutling
Teldrassil Sproutling
Teldrassil Sproutling
Rating: 3.60 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.60 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.60 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.60 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.60 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 3.60 / 5 — Rate it below
3.60 740 votes
Rating: 2.86 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 2.86 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 2.86 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 2.86 / 5 — Rate it belowRating: 2.86 / 5 — Rate it below
2.86 373 votes

Vendor: Rook Hawkfist

Zone: Icecrown

Cost: 40Champion's Seal (unlimited supply)

Teldrassil Sproutling
Teldrassil Sproutling
Binds when used
Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.
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Alliance Alliance (night elf)

Dances and occasionally sleeps.

Pit-pattering footsteps; vocalizations (on-click)

Wrath of the Lich King expansion required.
3 allowed
Wrath of the Lich King
Patch 3.1.1 | Posted: April 19, 2009

Vendor: Rook Hawkfist (Alliance)

Zone: Icecrown

Cost: 40Champion's Seal (unlimited supply)

Teldrassil Sproutling

Teldrassil Sproutling

Item Level 1

Use: Teaches you how to summon this companion.

Right Click to summon and dismiss your Teldrassil Sproutling.

Players can participate in the Argent Tournament, a permanent event in northeastern Icecrown, to earn Champion's Seals. A representative of each race sells a race-specific pet. Alliance characters may purchase this and other alliance-based Argent Tournament pets once they have successfully "championed" that race's cause through various quests. Horde characters may purchase this pet through a neutral auction house and on occasion through their own auction house.

Level 0: Health 0Power 0Speed 0
Requires Pet Level: 1

100% Hit Chance 


Scratches the enemy, dealing 394 Critter damage.

Vs. Undead

Vs. Humanoid
Requires Pet Level: 10

100% Hit Chance 


Deals 295 Elemental damage and reduces up to 98.5 damage from each attack against you for 1 round.

Vs. Mechanical

Vs. Critter
Requires Pet Level: 2

Deals 98 Elemental damage each time you take direct damage.


Lasts 5 rounds.

Vs. Mechanical

Vs. Critter
Requires Pet Level: 15

100% Hit Chance 


Instantly deals 236 Elemental damage and Poisons the target for 98 additional Elemental damage per round for 4 rounds.

Vs. Mechanical

Vs. Critter
Requires Pet Level: 4

Restores 118 healing every round. Lasts 5 rounds.


Twice as effective in sunny weather.

3 Round Cooldown
Requires Pet Level: 20

100% Hit Chance 


Causes a thick nest of vines to begin growing around the enemy team.


Next round, the opponent's pet will take 591 Elemental damage and be rooted for 2 rounds.

Vs. Mechanical

Vs. Critter


Elementals ignore all negative weather effects. Enemy pets can still gain the beneficial effects from weather when facing an elemental.


Damage Taken 

50% from Aquatic abilities

33% from Mechanical abilities

Icecrown — Northrend
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Top RaterVek 
Rating: +1   [Report]

Same moves as the Ruby Sapling, but the Sapling comes in three different breeds. The B/B breed of the Sproutling feels the slightly worse than what the Sapling or Withers can offer. Pretty decent elemental if you use sunlight, without sunlight look elsewhere.

Mar 26, 2014 at 7:45am | Edits: 0 | Aggramar-eu | Pets: 670 Compare collections | Score: 3996
Rating: +1   [Report]

This pet dropped for me yesterday from a Throne of Thunder LFR Fail-Bag or Treasures of the Thunder King there are several other pets that drop from these bags as of 5.2. There are also Flawless Stones that drop from these bags as well.

Aug 7, 2013 at 3:26pm | Edits: 0 | Skywall-us | Pets: 474 Compare collections | Score: 2626
Rating: -1   [Report]
I love how he falls asleep! It is too cute.
Jul 15, 2012 at 12:41pm | Edits: 0 | Suramar-us | Pets: 587 Compare collections | Score: 3112
Rating: +1   [Report]
4.0.6 was a bug where the Treants in the game (Sproutling and Withers included) turned into the non-afro Tree of Life skin. Since 4.1 this was fixed, I am a little disappointed. I think Withers should have turned back into pre-4.0.6 coloration and that the Sproutling should have kept the 4.0.6 'bug' For a sproutling, it made much more sense (to me atleast)
Apr 28, 2011 at 1:16pm | Edits: 0 | Sen'jin-us | Pets: 536 Compare collections | Score: 2783
Rating: -1   [Report]
has anyone noticed they changed the colour on this? The pet is now the typical brown colour that the resto druids used to be. :(
Apr 14, 2011 at 11:35am | Edits: 0 | Whisperwind-us | Pets: 1053 Compare collections | Score: 6031
Site MVPEudaemonic 
Rating: -2   [Report]
He came up today via my random pet and I gasped he wasn't the purple version anymore. Alliance peeps... is yours still purple? Did it only change for Horde?
Feb 11, 2011 at 3:47am | Edits: 0 | Suramar-us | Pets: 955 Compare collections | Score: 4976
Top RaterZinthas 
Rating: +1   [Report]
Changed in 4.0.6 to the old druid treeform colors
Feb 8, 2011 at 5:03pm | Edits: 0 | Wyrmrest Accord-us | Pets: 902 Compare collections | Score: 4654
Rating: -1   [Report]
I didn't get this pet til after they'd changed my treeform to a CD... he's like a fond memory. I pop the CD whenever I can to /dance with him. He's everything that was perfect about resto druids. =)
Nov 10, 2010 at 3:48pm | Edits: 0 | Area 52-us | Pets: 172 Compare collections | Score: 0
Rating: +1   [Report]
This is definitely one of my favourite pets in the game.
Being a resto druid. I love to take him out when I'm healing - it's so cool to /dance at the right moment, then you and your mini-tree can dance in time with each other. I also - however - do find that mine sleeps more than he dances - I guess even baby trees tire themselves out quickly
Because you can also get cats and bears, I keep telling my caster-druid friend that they should make a moonkin pet
Feb 14, 2010 at 7:20pm | Edits: 0 | Alonsus-eu | Pets: 444 Compare collections | Score: 2177
Rating: +1   [Report]
This has become my favorite pet lately. Apart from being completely adorable, it always cheers me up to see it dance around and then pass out from all the excitement... Mine seems to sleep a lot more than dance though, maybe he's tired of all the adventures I take him on.
I also have a blast bringing him out whenever my bf is in tree form and telling him he still hasn't paid the child support :P
Nov 25, 2009 at 10:32am | Edits: 0 | Zul'jin-us | Pets: 205 Compare collections | Score: 896
Top RaterMagmin 
Rating: -1   [Report]
It's SO cute, it will dance until it falls asleep, and I'll do the same sometimes, funnest AT pet yet
Nov 11, 2009 at 6:37pm | Edits: 0 | Dunemaul-us | Pets: 775 Compare collections | Score: 3678
Rating: +3   [Report]
I hate this guy, i keep asking him for Gift or heals and hes either dancing or sleeping! Totally useless in raids, parties or even solo!
Sometimes i even have to wait for him to catch up since hes to busy sleeping.
Appart from those shortcommings its one of my favorite and funniest pets :)
Oct 10, 2009 at 12:10pm | Edits: 1 | Bronzebeard-eu | Pets: 878 Compare collections | Score: 4644
Site MVPToldry 
Rating: +7   [Report]
I remade one of the screenshots in Wowhead into a motivational poster.

Here's the result.

Also, occasionally the sproutling's dancing animation will be about 3 times faster than it's supposed to. (I call it Turbo Dancing)
The same thing happens with Sleeping (Power Napping).
Oct 10, 2009 at 9:21am | Edits: 0 | Scarshield Legion-eu | Pets: 137 Compare collections | Score: 0
Top RaterSmokie 
Rating: +2   [Report]
To be totally honest, I was not keen on playing my druid as resto until I got this pet. Watching her hilarious mimicking animations made me feel not so alone and, in time, I became one of my guild's top healers thanks to the inspiration of having a "Mini-Me" (Mini-Tree?) by my side :D
Oct 8, 2009 at 5:17am | Edits: 0 | Blackwing Lair-us | Pets: 903 Compare collections | Score: 5401
Rating: +1   [Report]
To me he looks a bit wilted... If I take him and stand in some water long enough will he turn green? I doubt it but here's hoping.
Oct 5, 2009 at 3:26am | Edits: 0 | Shattered Hand-us | Pets: 476 Compare collections | Score: 2305
Rating: +4   [Report]
When I'm healing raids, I always bring along my mini-me. I say it's "Take your child to work day."
Sep 28, 2009 at 12:52pm | Edits: 0 | Kirin Tor-us | Pets: 1734 Compare collections | Score: 13443
Site MVPGwenolyn 
Rating: +3   [Report]
When I found out I was expecting twins, my mom told me when the kids take a nap you should take a nap too. So when on my Resto Druid, I always /sleep when my little MiniMe sleeps. (Mom never told me how little the kids would sleep though. They spend just as much time dancing. That's ok, it's fun to /dance with the kids as well.)
Sep 27, 2009 at 6:05pm | Edits: 1 | Aerie Peak-us | Pets: 913 Compare collections | Score: 5462
Rating: +15   [Report]
This little bugger has just started it's journey in becoming the greatest druid ever.
It already learned a druid 2 most important skills: dancing and sleeping.
This young one has much potential indeed.
Sep 27, 2009 at 8:34am | Edits: 0 | Earthen Ring-eu | Pets: 333 Compare collections | Score: 1432
Rating: +18   [Report]
Let me tell you about the Teldrassil Sproutling. This pet is LUCKY. Much like the Phoenix Hatchling, if you raid alongside this pet your raid will mysteriously do better at every boss encounter. And if you fail at an encounter and begin to wipe, at least you can to give your dying breath watching the Sproutling, standing amongst the charred bodies of your raid members, dancing its little heart out like nothing's wrong. Also, two Sproutlings are luckier than one! Keep this in mind.
Sep 27, 2009 at 2:08am | Edits: 0 | Kul Tiras-us | Pets: 499 Compare collections | Score: 2303
Top RaterKilki 
Rating: +1   [Report]
This pet looks best with a Tree Druid.
Sep 26, 2009 at 11:00pm | Edits: 0 | Area 52-us | Pets: 794 Compare collections | Score: 4140
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It always wakes up dancing. What a happy little tree!
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