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Rats and Mice: WoW Battle Pets

Pets by Family Critter Rats and Mice
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Black Rat

Pet Battle: [1] Kezan; [1-2] Dun Morogh; [5-7] Duskwood; [6-7] Wetlands; [10-11] Western Plaguelands; [12-13] Dustwallow Marsh; [12-13] Eastern Plaguelands; [13-14] Badlands; [13-14] Thousand Needles; [23-24] Twilight Highlands

Carrion Rat

Pet Battle: [22-23] Mount Hyjal

Dig Rat [Dig Rat]

Vendor: Griftah

Zone: Chamber of Shadows (Rogue Order Hall)

Cost: 10000Coins of Air (unlimited supply)

Fjord Rat

Pet Battle: [20-22] Howling Fjord

Frostfur Rat

Pet Battle: [23-25] Frostfire Ridge

Giant Sewer Rat [Giant Sewer Rat]

Profession: Fishing [1+]

Zone: Dalaran (Northrend)

Approximate Catch Rate: 1 in 1,000

Grotto Vole

Pet Battle: [22-23] Mount Hyjal

Highlands Mouse

Pet Battle: [6-7] Wetlands; [23-24] Twilight Highlands


Pet Battle: [1-2] Mulgore; [1-3] Silvermoon City; [1-3] The Exodar; [3-4] Westfall; [5-7] Duskwood; [6-7] Wetlands; [12-13] Dustwallow Marsh; [20-21] Netherstorm; [22-23] Crystalsong Forest

Prairie Mouse

Pet Battle: [23-25] Kun-Lai Summit

Redridge Rat

Pet Battle: [4-6] Redridge Mountains

Stowaway Rat

Pet Battle: [22-23] Deepholm

Tainted Rat

Pet Battle: [14-15] Felwood

Tricorne [Tricorne]

Vendor: Marcus "Bagman" Brown

Zone: Westfall

Cost: 2Old Bottle Cap (unlimited supply)

Undercity Rat

Pet Battle: [1-2] Undercity


Pet Battle: [24-25] Townlong Steppes

TIP: When you browse pets by family, not all pets include an item. Those that do not are typically wild pets obtained through pet battling.
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