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Snakes: WoW Battle Pets

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Albino Snake [Albino Snake]

Vendor: Breanni

Zone: Dalaran (Northrend)

Cost: 50gold (unlimited supply)

Black Kingsnake [Black Kingsnake]

Vendor: Xan'tish

Zone: Orgrimmar

Cost: 50silver (unlimited supply)

Brown Snake [Brown Snake]

Vendor: Xan'tish

Zone: Orgrimmar

Cost: 50silver (unlimited supply)

Cobra Hatchling [Cobra Hatchling]

Drop: Mysterious Egg after 3 days becomes [Cracked Egg]

Contains: 1 in 5 options

Coral Adder

Pet Battle: [23-25] The Jade Forest

Crimson Snake [Crimson Snake]

Vendor: Dealer Rashaad

Zone: Netherstorm

Cost: 50silver (unlimited supply)


Vendor: Xan'tish

Zone: Orgrimmar

Cost: 50silver (unlimited supply)

Death Adder Hatchling [Death Adder Hatchling]

Drop: Imperial Python [35+]

Zone: Timeless Isle

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 33

Elder Python

Pet Battle: [25] Isle of Thunder

Emerald Boa

Pet Battle: [3-4] Northern Barrens; [9-10] Southern Barrens; [15-16] Un'Goro Crater; [23-24] Uldum

Grove Viper

Pet Battle: [23-25] The Jade Forest

King Snake

Pet Battle: [13-14] Searing Gorge; [13-14] Badlands


Pet Battle: [14-15] Swamp of Sorrows

Rat Snake

Pet Battle: [5-7] Duskwood


Pet Battle: [13-14] Badlands; [13-14] Tanaris; [23-24] Twilight Highlands

Rock Viper

Pet Battle: [7-9] Desolace; [16-17] Silithus; [18-20] Blade's Edge Mountains; [22-23] Mount Hyjal

Rose Taipan

Pet Battle: [25] Stormheim


Pet Battle: [16-17] Ahn'Qiraj: The Fallen Kingdom; [16-17] Silithus; [23-24] Uldum

Slithering Brownscale

Pet Battle: [25] Stormheim; [25] Val'sharah; [25] Azsuna


Pet Battle: [1] Gilneas; [1-2] Eversong Woods; [1-2] Dun Morogh; [3-4] Westfall; [3-6] Loch Modan; [3-6] Ghostlands; [3-6] Silverpine Forest; [7-9] Northern Stranglethorn; [11-12] Feralas; [12-13] Dustwallow Marsh; [18-19] Zangarmarsh; [18-19] Terokkar Forest; [18-19] Nagrand (Outland); [20-22] Howling Fjord; [21-22] Sholazar Basin; [22-23] Zul'Drak; [23-24] Tol Barad; [25] Nagrand (Draenor)

Spawn of Merektha [Spawn of Merektha]

Drop: Merektha [??+]

Zone: Temple of Sethraliss (Mythic)


Contained In: Viable Cobra Egg after 3 days becomes [Cracking Cobra Egg]

Approximate Drop Rate: Unknown

Temple Snake

Pet Battle: [23-25] The Jade Forest

Water Snake

Pet Battle: [1] Orgrimmar; [1-2] Durotar; [6-7] Wetlands; [14-15] Swamp of Sorrows; [23-24] Twilight Highlands

Zooey Snake

Pet Battle: [23-25] Kun-Lai Summit

TIP: When you browse pets by family, not all pets include an item. Those that do not are typically wild pets obtained through pet battling.
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