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Mammals: WoW Battle Pets

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Kuitan Mongoose

Pet Battle: [24-25] Townlong Steppes


Pet Battle: [24-25] Townlong Steppes

Mongoose Pup

Pet Battle: [24-25] Townlong Steppes

River Otter

Pet Battle: [25] Drustvar; [25] Stormsong Valley

Sea Calf [Sea Calf]

Profession: Draenor Fishing

Vendor: Nat Pagle - Good Friends

Zone: Lunarfall, Frostwall

Cost: 50Nat's Lucky Coin (unlimited supply)

Slimy Otter [Slimy Otter]

Drop: Slimy Cocoon

Zone: Nazjatar [50]

Approximate Drop Rate: 1 in 7 options

Storm-Touched Ottuk

Pet Battle: [25] The Azure Span

Dragonflight World Event: Primalist Invasion

Whiskuk [Whiskuk]

Vendor: Jiq

Zone: The Azure Span

Faction: Iskaarra Tuskarr (Renown Nine)

Cost: 100Dragon Isles Supplies (unlimited supply)

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