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Another milestone - 1200 pets. Cursed Dune Watcher put me over the top. Still farming the AH for a couple of pets. I should hit Exalted with Rustbolt tomorrow, so I can get a couple more there.


Still avoiding the DK levelling. I have one approaching level 100. Just not sure I have the desire to go through the Class Hall on another character.

Today at 2:09am | Aggramar-US | Pets: 1200 Compare collections | Score: 9600

1233 unique pets...WOOT!!


With the current surplus of extra time on my hands (stay safe everyone!) and the amazing xp buff that Blizz has kindly gifted us, I'm finally catching up with my collection! Yay! Picked up my Lil' War Machine and moving on to Lustrous Glimmershell on my Horde alt. As I've already completed the meta achievement for the awesome Snapback Scuttler, I'm not looking forward to levelling up yet another follower in Nazjatar. Ugh!! XD 


Excited for the Darkmoon Faire this weekend to work on my little monk for Ban-Fu, Cub of Ban-Lu. And finishing up my rogue order hall for Crackers. I've got lots to keep me busy!



So many little time!! Lol!! =D

Yesterday at 3:57pm | Stormrage-US | Pets: 1234 Compare collections | Score: 9755

Slowly but surely chipping away toward those last few (attainable) pets I'm missing.  I enjoy watching this site often, seeing my fellow collectors scores go up as they too add to their collections.



Keep collecting ladies and gents, and be well!




3 days ago at 11:50am | Duskwood-US | Pets: 1256 Compare collections | Score: 10048

Been busy raw gold farming in the hopes of getting the gorgeous Caravan Brutosaur before it gets removed. Almost 1/5mil! Not sure I'm going to make it in time but hopefully Lil' Ben'fon gets to have Big Ben'fon <3


A very big thank you to Slizza-Thaurissan for helping me get Tinder Pup and Juvenile Brineshell!!

6 days ago at 4:45am | Dreadmaul-US | Pets: 1198 Compare collections | Score: 9406

Current tracked achievements:

Legendary Pet Brawler progress: 1,470/5,000.

 Pet collection goals:

• Collect all pets (currently 1,250/1,267).

Pets recently acquired:

• Jade Defender

• K'uddly

• Aqir Tunneler

• Cursed Dune Watcher

• Corrupted Tentacle

Ranked #1 on Mok'Nathal; #97 overall (#45 best). My wish list is hereRawr!

Mar 25, 2020 at 7:48pm | Mok'Nathal-US | Pets: 1250 Compare collections | Score: 10000
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