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Username: Shak  
Character: Shakarax (A)
Realm & Rank: Lightbringer-US (#45)
Connected Rank: Lightbringer-US (#45)
Pets Collected: 673/1255
Pets Rated: 0/1279 — Appearance
0/1256 — Battle
Joined: August 20, 2008
Last Online: February 05, 2018
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Shak Says: 

Total pets: 180 of 190. Ten to go!

Latest addition:
Darkmoon Turtle!

Paying gold for TCG pets and mounts!

Shakarax of Sargeras
151 Mounts 180 Pets
Posted Mar 19, 2012 at 7:48pm

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About Shak:

Hi everyone! I'm Shakarax of Sargeras on the Horde side.

I'm a pet and mount collector. Ever since the I heard about the ability to "learn" pets and free up almost a hundred bank slots I've been hard at work to gather up all of the little guys that I can.

July 13th 2009:
H Y A C I N T H M A C A W !

1.5 years of farming. Going from 0/36000 in hated to 8073 in honored with booty bay, at 5 rep a kill that is 13014.6 pirates killed. It's going to be so strange not pressing that WTB macro in trade anymore.

Super duper extra sexy special thanks to Aurealis of Fatal Error for passing on this "treasure" while we farmed.

Currently seeking:
Those rare holiday pets, and anything TCG related.

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