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Username: Mae Top Rater  
Character: Umberlina (H)
Realm & Rank: Thrall-us (#87)
Connected Rank: Thrall-us (#87)
Pets Collected: 513/1392
Pets Rated: 503/1418 — Appearance
2/1395 — Battle
Joined: August 19, 2008
Last Online: October 08, 2016
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Mae Says: 

Got the Rotten Helper Box from my first "You're a Mean One..." Love it!!

Posted Dec 16, 2013 at 2:38pm

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About Mae:

Been playing WoW since August 2005, shortly after some friends introduced me to the game. I've been collecting pets since pet collecting wasn't cool (heh!), back when we had to stash pets in our banks and bags--space was such an issue back then! I've continuted to do so and now, pet battles/collecting is my primary activity in game--well, that and leveling the odd alt or two. ~.^


My favorite battle pet is the Strand Crab, by far--and trust me when I say not all crabs & crawlers are created equal, this is the best one by far. My best friend, Jandyse, calls him the "paladin of the pet world" because he can live through almost everything. He was my first rare pet--first try, too. He was level 5 when I got him and he's been my primary pet since. He's now level 21 and growing! 


I also love the Skunk, Fawn, Scalded Basilisk Hatchling, Fjord Worg Pup, and the Spawn of Onyxia (LLLOOOVVVEEE her!!).


Once I'm done leveling those pets to 25, I hope to make a mechanical team and a dragon/whelp team. Though I'm not completely certain how viable such teams are for lack of diversity.


My personal pet collecting style is collection > quality. I can go back and farm the rares any time, and a lot of times the rares turn up later when I'm battling something else or looking for another pet. So I'm definitely about growing my collection before I am about rare farming!


If you'd like to look me up, I'm most often on Maeleigh (alliance) on Whisperwind. ^.^

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