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Username: Klausv Top Rater  
Character: Klausv
Realm & Rank: unavailable
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Pets Collected: 925/1417
Pets Rated: 251/1417 — Appearance
24/1394 — Battle
Joined: March 19, 2012
Last Online: March 20, 2021
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Klausv Says: 

Latest pets: Nov. 2020, Glimr, Sharptalon Hatchling, and around 22 AH pets.

Posted Nov 10, 2020 at 1:45pm

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About Klausv:

Latest pets: Nov. 2020, Glimr, Sharptalon Hatchling, and around 22 AH pets.


Childrens' Week 2020: Collected a bunch of pet stones.


November 2019: Happiness, and a bunch of new AH pets. Apparently I now have exactly 900 pets. 

April 2019: 3 new Darkmoon Faire pets.

March 2019: Hogs! Latest pet. I had given up on it, but as I was farming for the Darkmoon Zeppelin mount I accidentally got Hogs. Working on Raiding 6. A few AH pets, and some rare drops.

Oct. 2018: Completed Broken Isles Safari and Battle Safari. 

Nov. 2016: Stardust. It's adorable. :) I got some help with Stardust from some nice guildies, since I don't have all the Raiding 4 pets. 

October 2016: Got Trunks. Bought new pets off the AH, and pet charm pets.

May 2016: Tamed all the wild Draenor pets. Fel Pup.

Done: Children's Week 2016 stone farming. Did it on 63 - 65 chars, I think.

Early 2016: Lots off the AH, Raiding With Leashes III pets (all), Magical Crawdad (fished up). Deathwatch Hatchling. Finally dug up the Crawling Claw too.

08/10/15 The Darkmoon Rabbit dropped!

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