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Username: Falconarc Top Rater  
Character: Bigbreath (H)
Realm & Rank: Draenor-EU (#34)
Connected Rank: Draenor-EU (#34)
Pets Collected: 1007/1279
Pets Rated: 138/1279 — Appearance
133/1256 — Battle
Joined: August 13, 2013
Last Online: August 18, 2020
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About Falconarc:



I'm Taygate; A keen battle pet collector who doesn't really have huge hordes of gold or rl money to spend on the rarest of rare pets or all of the limited edition blizzard game pets, but I spend enough time battling to be competetive & am always willing to help out fellow tamers!


My top 10 pets???



Nexus Whelpling (P/P) (3 of these beauties allowed me to farm the Garrison Monument in no time!)

Emerald Proto-Whelp (P/P) (an essential part of any team for boosting low level pets)

Lil' Bad Wolf (S/S) (a hugely underrated pet that can decimate tamers in no time)

Junglebeak (P/P) (has replaced the Crow in most of my booster-teams - who can argue with an increased chance to Crit Nocturnal Strike?!)

Emperor Crab (P/P) (another underused pet that packs a punch & is very hard to kill)




Darkmoon Rabbit (S/S) (or any S/S rabbit for that matter; a huge pain in the arse)

Ghastly Kid (H/H) (is a part of both of my teams with the most wins clocked up)

Fiendish Imp (P/B) (as above! pairs great with any Black-Claw / DoT setup)

Frostwolf Ghostpup (P/P) (a strong undead that eats fellow undead pets for breakfast! great counter for graves/hatchling)

Mechanical Pandaren Dragonling (S/S) (everyones favourite annoying little dragon. easily countered by the Imp but can still be a pain with the right setup)

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