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Username: Amakiowlaf  
Character: Owlaf (A)
Realm & Rank: Feathermoon-us (#10)
Connected Rank: Feathermoon-us (#18)
Pets Collected: 1059/1465
Pets Rated: 0/1465 — Appearance
0/1442 — Battle
Joined: June 29, 2011
Last Online: October 24, 2020
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Amakiowlaf Says: 

I wouldn't be a bit surprised if they came out with a 200 pet achievement someday, and the reward for that pet has got to be more epic than the one they reward at 150. Even now I have over 150 and I know I wont own many like the ones from collectors editions or trading cards or blizzcon, I guess you can say my collection is current day based with the exception of the baby blizzard bear and the onyxian welphing from the WoW Anniversaries. Scratch those two, and pretty much all the pets I have - anyone can have ^_^ Get collecting!
From your OCD - Obsessive Compulsive Druid
Posted Nov 11, 2011 at 7:52pm

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About Amakiowlaf:

My nickname is Owl. I'm an OCD, Obsessive Compulsive Druid. I've collected 105 mounts and 140+ pets, well on my way to 150. I used to think it would be impossible to get that many pets, ludicrous even, but then I decided to start tracking my collection on this site. I refer to this website very much already. When a new expansion came out, or when a patch introduced new items, I checked here for possible new pets.

Once I got my collection set up, I was able to exclude some pets from the list and see which ones were possible to get. Once that was done, it made it much easier to see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have only a few more pets to get before I hit 150, and I know I won't get there overnight, but I have my goals now. I know which ones I need, and Warcraft made it much easier. I LUV IT!

Hoot hoot!


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