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Battle Pets From Shadowlands Callings & World Quests

January 01, 2021
UPDATE: From January 8th's Hotfix Notes —

Fixed a number of issues with receiving the pet Dal. [source]

So keep an out for the "A Stolen Stone Fiend" World Quest in Revendreth, and happy collecting Dal!

Battle Pets From Shadowlands Callings & World Quests

There are a number of dropped battle pets in Shadowlands, but did you know that a few pets have dependencies? Here's a brief overview of some Shadowlands pets that are available only during specific Callings or World Quests.

Callings and Battle Pets
Callings in Shadowlands are similar to daily Emissaries in Legion and Battle For Azeroth. Unlike previous expansions, however, there are special treasures that only spawn during certain Callings.

'Complete 3 Shadowlands World Quests with your Trainee'
During this type of Calling there's a chance you'll be assigned a named Trainee that will occasionally find Dirty Glinting Objects for you to loot. This sparkly bit of dirt on the ground has a chance to reward the pet Lucy (pictured below, right).

Each Covenant has one named Trainee that will have this special ability. Only the following NPCs can discover objects for you.

  • Venthyr - Drippy
  • Kyrian - Deos
  • Night Fae - Twinklewings (thanks for the comment Jaladar!)
  • Necrolord - Dregs

'Complete World Quests, loot treasures, kill rares in a Shadowlands zone' / 'Collect 3 Coins of Brokerage'
During this type of Calling, any associated zone(s) will spawn special treasure chests that can drop pets. To view the chests on the world map, you must be within the zone and not inside a Covenant Sanctum within the zone.

Depending on the Calling, it's possible to find all of these chests in the same day. Unfortunately, these chests aren't guaranteed to appear every time.

Callings usually last for a few days to allow time for people with varying play schedules to complete them. Because of this, even if you complete one of these "treasure Callings" the treasures will respawn the next day and until the Calling has expired. So be sure to re-check any associated zone so you don't miss out on a chance for a pet!

World Quest Battle Pets
There are three pets that can be obtained during specific Shadowlands World Quests.

Swarming Souls (Revendreth) - The Manifestation of Wrath rare can spawn during this WQ, which can drop Wrathling (pictured right). The pet can also drop from a normally-spawned rare, Prideful Hulk during the Leeched Soul rare event, so this WQ could be seen as a second chance at this pet.

A Stolen Stone Fiend (Revendreth) - After completing this WQ, talk to Penkle located behind the building to receive a Cage Key. Use the key on the cage next to this NPC and receive Dal (pictured right). (Note: This can be buggy and the key may not work on the cage. Server/shard hopping or turning War Mode on and off can sometimes resolve this, however most will need to wait for Blizzard to apply a proper fix.)

Primordial Bogling
Muck It Up (Revendreth) - A rarespawn, the Bog Beast, can appear during this WQ. It has a chance to drop the Primordial Bogling pet (pictured right). Even if you complete the quest, you can wait around for the rare and kill it.

Have you found other battle pets that rely on Callings or WQs? Feel free to share in the comments below, and happy collecting!
Posted by Quintessence

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