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Patch 9.2 PTR - 52 New Battle Pets

December 02, 2021
9.2 Pet Preview
There will be 52 new battle pets to collect in upcoming Patch 9.2! Check out our quick preview of what's to come. As with every PTR, things are subject to change and information/details may not be final.

9.2 battle pets

Pictured above, starting from the top row, left to right:

  • Axolotls
  • Geodes
  • Proto-rabbits
  • Proto-elementals
  • Proto-snakes
  • Proto-snails
  • Proto-chickens
  • Proto-birds

Pictured below, from the top row, left to right:

  • Proto-wasps
  • Proto-toads
  • Vombatas
  • Proto-jellyfish
  • Proto-spiders
  • Proto-beetles

9.2 battle pets

The majority of these models will come in multiple colors, so this is just an example of the types of battle pets you'll encounter in 9.2. Which pet are you looking forward to collecting the most?

Patch 9.2 - Check out 52 new battle pets

Sources and Pet Families
Collecting pets in 9.2 seems to be fairly straightforward, although we don't know enough about the new profession (Protoform Synthesis) yet.

  • Profession - 27
  • Wild - 22
  • Achievement - 1
  • Quest - 1
  • Drop (treasure) - 1

And last but not least, the current family breakdown of upcoming collectible pets is as follows:

  • Aquatic - 11
  • Beast - 12
  • Critter - 12
  • Dragonkin - 0
  • Elemental - 3
  • Flying - 9
  • Humanoid - 1
  • Magic - 4
  • Mehcanical - 0
  • Unead - 0

It's understandable that Dragonkin wouldn't be found in the new zone of Zereth Mortis - the setting doesn't quite fit the pet family. However, it's a little strange to miss out on Mechanical battle pets considering the otherworldly technological themes of 9.2.

We'll just have to wait and see if anything changes over the course of the PTR.

Is Trub'ul In Trouble?
Trub'ul (pictured right) was first datamined during the 9.1.5 PTR, but it was confirmed that this green feline was added prematurely and intended for a future patch. Interestingly, this pet can no longer be found in the Pet Journal on both live and the PTR. It's possible Trub'ul will reappear in a future PTR build, but is it safe to say this pet seems to be quite the troublemaker so far?
Posted by Quintessence
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