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Patch 7.2.5 PTR: Micronax Battle Pet

June 09, 2017
A new pet was added in this week's PTR build — Micronax! [source]

A New Achievement Pet
The upcoming achievement Glory of the Tomb Raider is set to reward a new title, but it was revealed this week that it will likely also award the Micronax pet (pictured right).

There's still some slight confusion regarding this pet, as the achievement itself does not list the pet as a reward. Currently only the Pet Journal notes the Glory of the Tomb Raider achievement as the source of Micronax.

However, during the recent 7.2.5 Developer Q&A it was hinted that additional bonuses would be awarded along with the new title.

We'll have to wait and see where Micronax will ultimately be from, but we won't have to wait long!

7.2.5 Is Coming Soon™
Patch 7.2.5 is set for release this coming Tuesday, June 13th, and Normal and Heroic Tomb of Sargeras will open the week after on Tuesday, June 20th.

We're looking forward to the new content. Are you ready to collect more pets?
Posted by Quintessence

Patch 7.2.5 is Live: 10 New Pets, Deadmines Pet Dungeon & More

June 13, 2017
UPDATE: The WoW Secrets Discord Channel has discovered the location of the Sun Darter Hatchling! However, reaching the item might prove tricky... [source]

Patch 7.2.5 - 10 new pets, Deadmines Pet Dungeon & More
Patch 7.2.5 is live this week! There are new pets to collect, Deadmines Pet Battle Dungeon, and more. [source]

New Pets
There are 10 new pets in the latest patch. A couple of them are not yet collectible but should be available in the near future.

  • 4 new pets from the Deadmines Pet Battle Dungeon
  • 2 new dragon pets from the Deaths of Chromie Scenario
  • Rogue pickpocketing leads to 2 new pets
  • One raid achievement pet
  • And last but not least, a new faerie dragon pet of unknown origin

Learn more about all 10 new pets!

To Deadmines!
The mystery of the Shadowy Figure continues in 7.2.5 in the Deadmines. Level 110 players that completed Wailing Critters (Normal Wailing Caverns Pet Dungeon) can head to Breanni in Dalaran (Broken Isles) and pick up a new quest.

Pet Reaper 50, Pocket Cannon, Tricorne

This adventure will take players to Westfall to meet Marcus "Bagman" Brown. He sells three new Deadmines-themed pets (pictured above) and Mr. Smite's Supplies for a new currency.

Pick up and complete his quest, The Deadmines Strike Back, to earn an Ultimate Battle-Training Stone and the ability to teleport directly to Westfall with the assistance of Manapoof in Breanni's shop.

The scenario has 7 stages and 9 different enemy encounters. All primary enemy pets have either the Elite or Boss passive, and backline pets are common quality crabs, rats, and parrots.

Deadmines Pet Battle Dungeon Overview

After completing the Normal Deadmines Pet Dungeon, players that have at least 15 level 25 pets will be offered the challenge quest, Pet Battle Challenge: Deadmines.

Mining Monkey
Completing the challenge quest rewards one Old Bottle Cap, which Marcus "Bagman" Brown will accept in exchange for his wares.

In addition to this, players will earn the achievement Pet Battle Challenge: Deadmines for completing the challenge version of Deadmines. This achievement rewards the Mining Monkey (pictured right).

Ready to continue the adventure? Secure the Deadmines with the help of your pets and get one step closer to discovering the mystery of the Shadowy Figure!

A 'Bronze Age'
Two new pets (pictured below) come from the new level 110 solo-encounter, The Deaths of Chromie Scenario.

Bronze Proto-Whelp and Ageless Bronze Drake

These two bronze dragons have a chance to drop from Time-Lost Wallets. The Time-Lost Wallets are sometimes awarded from Sands of Time.

The Sands of Time item can occasionally be looted from defeated mobs within the scenario and from special Time Chests.

After earning enough reputation with Chromie to reach rank 5 (Bronze Ally), players can choose the tier 5 talent Fortuitous. This increases the odds of looting Sands of Time, which in turn increases your chances of receiving Time-Lost Wallets.

Pickpocket Pets
Sneaky Marmot
There is a new quest chain for Rogues that allows them to purchase two new pets and other fun items.

To get started, level 100+ Rogues must speak with Griftah and Al'Abas in the Rogue Order Hall.

Upon completing the quests, Rogues can earn a new currency, Coins of Air, by pickpocketing mobs on the Broken Shore. Coins of Air can then be exchanged for the Dig Rat and Sneaky Marmot pets. These pets are Bind On Use and cageable.

The marmot is truly sneaky, as it's permanently stealthed! (pictured right)

Not Yet Available
Micronax, the pet awarded from Glory of the Tomb Raider achievement, will not be obtainable until the Tomb of Sargeras raid opens on June 20. The achievement can only be completed on Normal difficulty or higher.

The Sun Darter Hatchling is quite the mystery, and it's still unknown where it will come from. If its flavor text is any hint, we may need to wait to collect this pet in a future patch where we discover Argus.

UI Changes
Blizzard has made a UI change to the Pet Journal, and pets that are unobtainable are no longer visible as uncollected. [source]

Unobtainable battle pets are now hidden from the list unless collected.

Pets that are considered unobtainable are pets that are not available to your region, and one-time event pets such as Spirit of Competition and Vampiric Batling.

If you have collected these pets, they will appear in your Pet Journal normally.

Pets that are difficult to come by such as older Collector's Edition pets can still be viewed in the Pet Journal so long as they are available to your region.

WarcraftPets users can still view all pets on the Collection Management page and User Profile page, under each appropriate tab (Collected, Wanted, and Excluded).

New Notable Squirt Days
The in-game calendar was updated with additional Pet Battle Bonus Event dates for 2017.

The bonus event overlaps twice with the visit of Squirt in the garrison Menagerie, a welcome day for pet battlers looking to level up pets!

  • EU: August 26th
  • NA: October 16th and November 30th
Posted by Quintessence

Albatross Chick — Pet of the Month: June 2017

June 20, 2017
Albatross Chick - Pet of the Month June 2017

Summer begins this month and what better way to enjoy the warm weather than to head to the beach with a friendly flying buddy? Just keep in mind the rule of thumb from the Eye of Azshara dungeon...don't make this bird angry. This month we're covering the Albatross Chick!

Collecting the Albatross Chick
Albatross Chick
The Albatross Chick is a wild pet that spawns in as a level 25 pet along the western coast of Azsuna and the eastern coast of Stormheim. This pet comes in 4 different breeds.

These birds can sometimes be quite difficult to find, especially ones that can be captured. Some spawn areas for this pet have uneven ground, making it even more troublesome to collect one of your own. Just move to different locations and keep trying to engage in battle with it.

One method for finding a battle-able Albatross Chick is to kill normal critters (including non-interactable Albatross Chicks) in the area. This may cause a new chick to spawn with green paw print over its head, ready to battle.

The Albatross Chick is an excellent summer-themed pet to have accompanying you on your adventures this season. Stay on its good side though — no one wants an angry seagull!

Battling with the Albatross Chick
The Albatross Chick is a no-frills damage dealing powerhouse perfect to add to your stable for summer.

Its two main damage abilities, Thrash and Slicing Wind (example pictured below), provide solid multi-hitting damage, though both are subject to RNG. Thrash will add an extra hit, provided your Albatross is faster than its opponent. It has an ability in the second slot to help with that.

Adrenaline Rush gives your Albatross Chick a burst of speed for three rounds, a very useful companion with Thrash. If you’re into the three round buffs, Hawk Eye will buff your pet’s crit chance for that long, and both provide a 75% boost.

Hawk Eye’s boost is especially powerful when paired with the relatively large hit, like at the end of Lift-Off. Unfortunately, they share the third slot. Lift-Off tends to find more use as an avoidance move than a dps move, too.

Last, the odd man out here is Cyclone. Cyclone is also rather RNG dependent, but gives the chance to damage the back row in addition to the front-line pet.

Though the damage it gives can be a bit subject to RNG, the Albatross Chick is a solid — and loud — flying pet.

Battling Discussion on the Albatross Chick

Pet of the Month is co-written by Liopleurodon, an experienced pet battler and long-time WoW player. She maintains her own Pet Battle blog and is a Pet Battle columnist on the fansite Blizzard Watch.
Posted by Quintessence

Wowhead Premium Account Code Giveaway

June 26, 2017
Wowhead Premium Account code giveaway
Wowhead Premium Account Code Giveaway
The Qiraji Guardling has started spawning in Silithus, which means summer has arrived!

To help celebrate this fun season, we're giving away five Wowhead Premium Account codes.

When: Starting June 26th, 2017 at approximately noon Pacific Daylight Time (GMT-7) we'll be raffling off one Wowhead Premium Account code per day. Each giveaway will last 24 hours.

Where: WarcraftPets Discord channel -

How: Join the WarcraftPets Discord server, click the #contests channel, and "react" to the GiveawayBot's latest message by clicking the party-popper emoji. You'll know you're entered when the number goes up. When the giveaway is over, the bot will randomly pick a winner who reacted.

How to Get Discord and Join the WarcraftPets Channel

Winners chosen by the GiveawayBot will have 3 days from the time they are selected to contact Quintessence via Direct Message in Discord to collect their Wowhead Premium Account code.

Thank you to Wowhead Site Director Perculia for providing the codes, and good luck to everyone entering!
Posted by Quintessence

Patch 7.3 PTR: Four New Pets and A New Trainer

June 30, 2017
Testing on the 7.3 PTR began this past week, and four new pets were discovered along with a new trainer. [source]

New Pets
Four new pets were datamined from the 7.3 PTR. Keep in mind that nothing is final, and pets and other content may change prior to official release.

  • Dibbler - Drops from Leprous Sack of Pet Supplies (more on this below)
  • Ghost Shark - Currently listed as vendor pet from Nat Pagle (garrison), however this could be Placeholder information
  • Golden Retriever - Source unknown
  • Naxxy (pictured right) - Vendor pet during Hallow's End

All 7.3 datamined pets

In addition to new pets, Wowhead datamined some new creature models including Australian Shepherd puppies (pictured below, courtesy of Wowhead). We can only hope these cute canines will be collectible battle pets!

Australian Shepherd Pups datamined by Wowhead

New Trainer
Initially, it was speculated that the new reward bag, Leprous Sack of Pet Supplies, would be from a Gnomeregan Pet Battle Dungeon. However, as of this writing, there is no indication that this Pet Dungeon will be included in 7.3.

So where will the Leprous Sack of Pet Supplies come from? WarcraftPets user Flohsakk discovered that this bag is rewarded from a new trainer!

Environeer Bert and his team of Mechanical pets
Environeer Bert (pictured right) can be found in Gnomeregan. He's located in the left tunnel after exiting the elevator area. He offers the daily quest, 'Bert's Bots'.

Similar to Crysa and her team of all Flying pets, Bert is accompanied by a pet team comprised of a single pet family type. He has three level 25, epic quality Mechanical pets.

Bring your best team to defeat him in a Pet Battle for a chance at a new pet, Dibbler!

Small Pet Journal Update
New Summon Random Favorite Pet button
Last but not least, a small Quality of Life update was added — a Summon Random Favorite Pet button (pictured above). It can be found next to the Revive Battle Pets button in the Pet Journal.

The command to summon a random pet and random favorite pet can still be used, however with this new button collectors won't have to manually create their own macro.
Posted by Quintessence

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