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Username: Dethstruxion Top Rater  
Character: Dobkeratops (H)
Realm & Rank: Bronzebeard-eu (#6)
Connected Rank: Bronzebeard-eu (#21)
Pets Collected: 682/1463
Pets Rated: 916/1463 — Appearance
88/1440 — Battle
Joined: May 10, 2017
Last Online: Yesterday
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Dethstruxion Says: 

666 is the number of the .. pets that i currently have.


I liked the Deadmines pet run a lot more than WC's, maybe because WC has always been kind of a boring dungeon, and they did not quite chose the most exciting parts of it to hold the pet battles in.

Deadmines also had more diversity in enemies, although it seemed a lot easier too, i was able to solo some fights on the second time around without having used a guide.


I kept my bottlecap, because i really want the Pocket Cannon first. Plus it gives me time to try the monkey out too, it looks quite good from looking at the abilities.


Only been back a year since quitting WoW in 2012 pre-Panda, got a lot to catch up on still.

Posted Jun 16, 2017 at 12:49pm

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About Dethstruxion:

Having fun with making PvE teams lately.

Maybe they work with PvP too, but i never really do PvP, so im just talking from a PvE P.O.V.


Who doesnt like hard hits, high speed and a self heal?

Team "Dino Riders":

Clockwork Gnome (2/1/1) + 2x Zandalari Kneebiter (2/2/2) in P/S breed.

(reason for P/S is because it results in 305/305 which is very useful, usually guarantees a first hit, unless facing a Flying pet or S/S breed, as opposed to 305/289 or 341/276).


Turn Turrets deadly by combining them with Black Claw, make them deadlier with a Hunting Party double damage combo, or kill the enemy with the self heal Bloodfang.

The heals should give you room to switch pets, just make sure there either is a Turret on the field and/or a Black Claw active, if done right, this will result in a continuous stream of high damage and opportunities to heal.

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