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Shadowlands Alpha: New Pets and Models

July 01, 2020
More pets were added in today's Shadowlands Alpha build, plus some interesting new models. [source]

New Pets
Today's patch included 7 new battle pets. This brings us to a current total of 77 datamined pets from Shadowlands Alpha!

PH Abomination and PH Skeleton Slime

Note that there are duplicates with placeholder(PH) names, however each has a unique ID which indicates separate pets. These will likely be updated in a future build. As with all things Alpha, not all are guaranteed to make it to release.

  • Bloodfeaster Spiderling
  • PH Abomination (pictured above, left)
  • PH Abomination
  • PH Hornet
  • PH Skeleton Slime (pictured above, right)
  • PH Skeleton Slime
  • PH Slime Tentacle

List of all datamined Shadowlands pets

Is It A Frog? A Duck?
Two new interesting models appeared in the latest Alpha build, however it's unclear if they will be tied to a collectible battle pet. [source]

frog duck
The first is named "Frog Duck" (pictured above), which looks like its name (we think it's more frog than duck).

piranha bowl
The second new model is an adorable little piranha in a bowl (pictured right). My, what big eyes you have!

We'll have to wait and see where these two models turn up, but we certainly hope they'll be part of our collections.

What do you think of the new pets and new models? What would you name your frog-duck if you collected one? And will this strange creature be as close to an actual duck as we'll ever get in World of Warcraft?
Posted by Quintessence

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